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Just My Luck...

A blog about the (often bad) occurrences in my life.

  1. Another snow blog!

    The last two blogs entries complained about their dragged-out periods of snow. But where I am, we have no snow. I've been deprived of that white, frozen spectacle for nearly five years now... ugh.

    So who wants to give me their snow?
  2. A Nasty Surprise

    Really nasty. Apparently, on Sunday, a pipe blew under the apartment I live in, because the living room floor was slowly flooding with filthy water. It was very inconvenient, especially because the apartment owners didn't even set up an emergency number! Idiots! We had to get everything out of there, and I mean everything: the couch, the TV, all that good stuff. The repair needed some special machine to determine the location of the broken pipe. Then, the repair people we called had to pull the ...
    Just My Luck...