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Ravings of a Royal Sharpedo

Big Root Experiment

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Late-night blog FTW!

Anyway, up until now, I had been bothered by something related to the Big Root; regarding moves like Giga Drain and Drain Punch, all online sources said that the item increased the stolen HP by 30%. What bothered me is this: what kind of "30%" were they talking about? Was it relative to what was already there (raising the total to 65%) or cumulative (80%)?

I just got done pulling a little experiment in Platinum. I taught my Roserade Giga Drain, then let her take 100 damage, and finally VS Seeker'd up a Double Battle where Roserade could use Giga Drain on her partner (which just so happened to have 100 HP). I also made sure to incapacitate the opponents to prevent them from mucking up my experiment.

The move knocked out my 100-HP scapegoat and stole 65 HP. That conclusively tells me that the additional 30% is relative. Now I can finally lay that matter to rest.

/boring blog

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