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Ravings of a Royal Sharpedo

Another snow blog!

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The last two blogs entries complained about their dragged-out periods of snow. But where I am, we have no snow. I've been deprived of that white, frozen spectacle for nearly five years now... ugh.

So who wants to give me their snow?

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  1. Mr. Slowpoke's Avatar
    You can have our snow, for all that I'd care 'bout.
    I'm seriously the only person in my entire family (besides my father) who's sick of that frikkin' snow.
  2. Mintaka's Avatar
    Let me dump the snow I have in the yard...

    A bucket...since it melted.

    It doesn't snow often here. I like it, but hate it when it piles up.
  3. ChinYao's Avatar
    *pushes snow filled clouds your way* TAKE THEM! They're blocking my view of the Eclipse tonight!
  4. Dr. GM's Avatar
    I'd give you snow, if it snowed in southern Texas... T^T


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