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Ravings of a Royal Sharpedo

100 blogs?

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Seriously, it feels like it all just flew by. I'm amazed that I now have 100 blogs, and nearly 2,000 internets posts. So, to commemorate my time here posting, I've gone through the search to find some of my best posts. Here you go; all the SharKing you want, and more.

Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
Chuck: Ho... ly... CRAP. He actually took 4 tries to defeat! That Primeape (Double Team noob!) caused some frustration, but the main problem was his Poliwrath. Hypnosis, Hypnosis, Hypnosis, AAAAAAAAGH!!!!
I hate Sleep. So. Freakin'. Much.

Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
Blaziken: My absolute favorite starter Poke. In Gen. IV, this thing was humiliated by a ripoff named Infernape, which used its superior Speed to steal Blaziken's place in OU. But it found a home in UU, where it clearly has a reign. A lot of Grass-types reside in UU; easy prey. Fire and Fighting is a very cool offensive combination, and it certainly has the offensive stats (120/110) to abuse it. The Choice Scarf makes it a famous revenge-killer in UU and even OU, to an extent.

Of course, it won't stay UU much longer. This kickin' chicken was secretly dreaming of a way to get back at that usurper, Infernape. And in the Dream World, it has its revenge in the form of Speed Boost! Not only that, it gained access to Hi Jump Kick, which got raised to a ridiculous 130 power (195 with STAB)! A Swords Dance or two, and it's usually game over.
Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
Substitute, as Troggy said, is wonderful. The 25% HP loss is an acceptable tradeoff, especially for the pinch berries. (I even considered a unique Sub-Leichi Yanmega.)

If you have a Sub up, this is a wonderful thing about it: you can't get statused. Pokes that rely on status (such as walls) are usually screwed over by Subs blocking their Toxic, Thunder Wave, etc. And it usually allows you to set up on them, safely using moves like Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, and more to get ready to destroy your foe entirely. 101 HP Subs are also reliable because Blissey (among others) can't use Seismic Toss to break them the first turn; they have to use it twice before it fades.

My Blissey was used against me by a YouTuber named Icee2K1. That Mismagius Subbed up, so I couldn't Toxic-stall it. And while I struggled pointlessly to break the Sub with Ice Beam (couldn't get S-Toss, which wouldn't have helped, anyway), Mismagius set up with Calm Mind, restoring HP with Leftovers over turns. When I managed to break through, another Sub was set easily. When 6 CMs were up, it was game over.
Hey, you know me. I like to drone on about the competitive performance of a Pokemon. That's just... me.

Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
^ You have just won the game my respect.
Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
Hail teams are limited. They have that ever-annoying Stallrein, but you know what Sandstrom teams have? Garchomp. Doryuuzu. Regirock with more Sp. Defense. And so much more.

Sandstorm clearly wins in game terms, no matter how boring flying sand is to me.
Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
< BMGf's local shark.
You know it.

Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
Like it's gonna happen. Voltorb Flip was a nervous retcon to something that "promoted gambling". They may get rid of the Game Corner as a whole. That's a lot more likely than Voltorb Flip and the slots appearing side-by-side.
And I was totally right. Spooky, huh?

Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
Yeah, it was a good game. I had fun. LOUSY CRIT!!!
Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
Of COURSE it's super effective. That's the point of the game, LOL.
The super-effective game. Leave it to me to point out the obvious, LOL.

Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
^ is wrong, as < does not in any way own a Mudkip at the time of this post.
< owns a Torchic instead.
v may or may not have a Treecko.
Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
^ Ninja'd.
< is searching for epic quotes.
v wants a prrrromotion.
Funny. That's what I'm doing right now. And yes, I do want a prrrromotion.

Quote Originally Posted by SharKing View Post
Your local store? Are they affiliated with Game Freak... or the black market? LOL
Someone got a localized Pokemon game early.

Thanks for reading, peeps!

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  1. Mintaka's Avatar
    I especially like that quote about Chuck (bah, that Poliwrath). xD

    Congrats on the 100th blog entry! We'll look forward for more great stuff! :D


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