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  1. I have kinda returned, meh

    Unknowingly to myself, I stopped playing pokémon for, about a year.

    Then, I stupidly traded my DS and Pokémon Platinum in to Gamestop to help me get my xbox.

    Then one of my friends mentioned it, and he seems to be getting into the semi competitive stuff, and now I want to get back into it also!

    All I need now is a DS, and a Pokémon game, that might be a problem...
  2. Just got my ipod touch :D

    Today I got an ipod touch that I ordered in the mail and its awesome :D
    Its 2nd Gen, 16Gb and set me back €170, which isnt bad at all since its in perfect condition :D
    Unfortunately its firmware 2.2.1 and I cant find anything to jailbreak it with D: Blackra1n and redsn0w dont work for me, blackra1n tells me to plug it into itunes even though its already connected :/

    So any help jailbreaking my ipod ?
  3. Itunes have the wierdest terms of service

    For once I decided to read some of an applications 'terms of service,' mainly to check if jailbreaking was against them and I found this under section 28(d) "Nothing in this Aggreement removes or Limits iTunes' liability for fraud, or for death or personal injury caused by its negligence."

    So unless Im completely misinterpreting this they can kill me if i pirate their software, or am I way off ?
  4. Math is confusing.....

    Got an 'A' in my junior cert in higher level, that teacher retired and now everybody is averaging around 45% in every test so far, including me.
    She cant teach math to save her life and I dont wanna drop down to ordinary because of the points difference.
    Any ideas on this ? Seriously she tried to teach us about 3D triangles by giving us paper and safety scissors -_-

    Who wants to explain how "x-p" is a factor of an equation yet "x=-p" is a root ?? ...
  5. I need new music !!

    I was wondering if theres any bands ya'll think I would like ?
    My current favs are:
    Green Day *Not Their latest Album* :)
    Smash Mouth :D
    Son of Dork *Broken Up* :(
    Bowling for Soup :)
    Guns n Roses :D

    So its punk rock mostly I guess :D

    Suggestions ???
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