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by , 8th January 2013 at 01:57 PM (460 Views)
This is copied from a comment I made on Slowflake's blog.

Wow. Wow. WOW. I came just expecting the new Eeveelution (we'll probably still get it on Thursday though), and I went on Serebii.net to find out several things. Here are my [longwinded] opinions on them:

-Pokemon X and Y: At first I thought they were awful names, but in hindsight they're pretty good; they're intriguing, interesting and unpredictable.

-3D Graphics: Whoa. This was the big one for me. I'm really happy that it's taking the biggest graphical jump since, well, ever, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. My only problem with it though is the loss of pixel sprites: are they gone forever, or will they still be there SOMEWHERE?

-October Release Date, WORLDWIDE: Oh. My. God. We're not just gonna have it in our hands before Halloween: it's going to have a SIMULTAENOUS release. That is so AWESOME!!!

-Gen VI Starters: Once again, AWESOME. These starters just have so much potential for their final form, and they might be the first starters since Gen IV where they were anything more than worthless crap.

I'm really liking Fennekin at the moment (obviously that's a fox) and currently Froakie the frog is my favourite (I've overused this word, but Froakie is indeed awesome). I can imagine Fennekin's final stage being Fire/Electric, and Froakie... I don't know, Water/Poison?

As for Chespin... I just don't like it. At the moment it's the Oshawott Of Gen V for me. And what the hell is it, anyway? It looks like a Teddiursa wearing a Slowking hat made of grass. What the hell IS IT, anyway? Does anyone know!?

All in all, the graphics are awesome, the Pokemon look good, and overall it looks like a brilliant game. Can't wait 'till October. :P

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  1. Delsin Rowe's Avatar
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    If you watch the trailer closely, it looks as if the fire starter uses a psychic type move.
  2. Pidgeot's Avatar
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    [QUOTE=FullMetal;bt270654]If you watch the trailer closely, it looks as if the fire starter uses a psychic type move.[/QUOTE]
    Yeah, I know that now.