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It's Snowing

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Hi everybody! It's snowing over here in England. I love it! Everyone loves it. You're probaly jealous of it, if you don't live in the UK. At least I don't have to go to school!

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  1. ShinjiLover's Avatar
    I wish it was snowing where I live. . >.> I don't wanna go to school.
  2. Zephy's Avatar
    The reason I'm not at school is because I have a cold and can barely speak.
  3. Ino-Chan's Avatar
    I got a snow day too!
  4. Pidgeot's Avatar
    Sadly it isn't snowing down the south where I live tommorow. (However, I will keep my finger crossed)
  5. Maybe Wednesday's Avatar
    It has never snowed where I live. Not since the last Ice Age.
  6. Pidgeot's Avatar
    Where do you live ?