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Team Rocket in Legend of Lucas

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i bet when you clicked this you were like "He's not gunna include those lame Rockets is he?", well i am and thats becuase there in every series. but there more true to there evil team rocket duties. for instance in the Legend series they actual capture pokemon to give to Giovanni, they dont always succed but they wont strike in every chapter makeing there aperance more of a surprise and a treat.

the pokemon you see them having they dont have in the show, well some of them (i did this for a reason!!!) now then they cuaght Areiodos in the Silver series by acident but they were pleased with the results of its power so they kept it. Arbok and Nidoking were a Nidoran and a Ekans, which were there from the start. Victreebel and Tentacruel were gifts from Giovanni to Team Rocket for passing the Kanto region and finding a new base in Tohjo. Later on in the Hoenn they cuaght Roselia for Giovanni, it was shot down so they kept it.the Shiny Pikachu was a Clone from the Mewtwo experiment, team rocket used this clone to defeat Silver but they were shortly trunked by Silver's fake Lugia, they later sent pikachu back to the lab.

Role in dpp:
im preety sure scince ive already confirmed Giovanni they will be Antagonists, with a bigger role in the series. along with team Galactic i think i have a treat in store for everyone on the reaction of the 2 teams meeting.

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