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My poor DS is almost a gonner..

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by , 19th October 2009 at 03:54 PM (811 Views)
Now I have had this DS lite for 2 years and cared for it as much as I can. I even payed for it with my own money.(Yes I have to buy my games with my own money because my grandparents don't support video games.) So within those two years my DS has been slowly falling apart. I don't know why but I care for it as hard as I can and it just gets worse.
It all started when my L button wouldn't work. Now this happened on my old DS so I didn't pay much attention to it. Seeing as the only game I owned that it prevented me from playing was Metroid Prime Hunters. However shortly after that my R button wouldn't work anymore. I still wasn't bothered because most games that I played on my DS were RPG based games. However about six months a go something happened to my DS that caused it to be a hindrance no matter how I played it. Unless I played it upside down maybe.
You see I let someone borrow my DS. However when I got it back the top half wouldn't stay in place. It would always flop back and forth unless I held it in place. I saw that the hinge on one side had been chipped off. So playing my Ds became a burden to me because I always had to hold it in place and I couldn't and still cant afford a new one.
However I learned to live with it. So then last week my DS couldn't stay on standby when I closed it. Instead it started flashing on and off between standby and the game quickly. Also my DS is losing it's ability to charge. Now this upsets me because I have owned it for two years and am sort of a pack rat so I want to hang on to it as long as I can. Also I don't know how I will be able to afford a new DS because they seem to cost a lot and the economy seems to be at a standstill. I was very stressed because I wasn't able to attend the Shaymin event due to technical difficulties(my Pearl crashing). And I will be devastated if I miss out on Arceus.
So until then I have to depend on an undependable device. But that just what I have to do I guess. So what about you guys? Have any of you guys grown emotionally attached to something only to be forced to give it up when it fell apart? Leave me some comments about some of your life stories and I'll read them after I get done painting a fence. =p

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  1. YoshiSage's Avatar
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    I feel pretty bad for you, man. My brother's DS Lite started having difficulties after three years (wouldn't stay in place just like yours, the shoulder buttons not working.) He could still play it for a while, but he got a DSi for his birthday after the top screen on his DS whited out completely O_O
  2. Vasili's Avatar
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    welcome to the club, the same thing is still happening to mine, except the L and R button thing is reversed, my R button went first.
    and my right hinge is cracked (it seems thats the first thing to go on any electronic with a screen is the right hinge, example, the laptop im typing on has a damaged right hinge.)
    it hasnt crashed at all yet and hopefully it wont because ill get a DSi for christmas , anyway mine has almost reached two years, it will this christmas.
  3. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    my ds lite has a crack in it, and the L button doesn't work most of the times either (I use R whenever I can).
  4. Ho-oh's Avatar
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    Things made in China tend to do that.
  5. dukeburger's Avatar
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    Aww, you have my sympathies since you sound mature and responsible when it comes to buying your own stuff (seriously, the amount of spoiled kids who just get everything - not referring specifically to this site - irritates me, for some reason).

    It sounds like your DS is pretty shot, but if you have any places around you that refurbish video games, it may be worth it to see if they can repair it for cheap. About needing to charge it - that just means you need a new battery, as they do start to crap out after about 2 years from constant use. The same thing is happening to me, but I've somewhat balanced it out by keeping my DS on the second brightness setting (if you haven't already done this, it saves some battery power).


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