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The King of Nidos

The farmer called he wants his swine back!

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Well it's official. Someone in my school has gotten swine flu. In fact last week there were nine kids missing from one of my classes. I even heard that a kid died from swine flu just two hours from where I live. I heard that in 1975 that there was a case of swine flu but only one person died from it. So I wasn't scared of this swine flu until I heard about another strand of it that occurred in 1950 that killed a lot of people. An I'm talking about up in the millions. I have been coughing and my nose is clogged up more than usual but at least I don't have a fever so I guess I don't have to much to fret about at the moment. What about you guys, has the H1N1 hit any of you guys yet? If so are you worried about it? Because I'm starting to get a little bit worried about this new strand of the flu.

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  1. YoshiSage's Avatar
    I'm sorry. That must suck D:
    Anyway, swine flu does seem to be affecting Van Buren, Arkansas (which of course, is where I live). At least five students in my school have been stricken with swine flu, but no one's died yet. One of those students came back to school last Friday however.
  2. Dewgong Reign's Avatar
    My mom has it, and she's pregnant.
  3. Itsuki's Avatar
    I'm actually 90% sure I have it, since I'm living with my uncle and aunt right now and my uncle has it. And now I'm sick :I
  4. The King of Nidos's Avatar
    Wow I hope for the best for your mom Dewgong, and you too Itsuki. I however live with my grandparents and I heard that people who are 60 or older might have an immunity to it because they were alive when it last broke out. So I'm really hoping that that's true.
  5. Feliciano's Avatar
    Wow, it really sucks that you might have it. Personally, however, I'm not worried about it. I mean...okay, yeah, the Swine Flu may kill people. Y'know what also kills people? The regular flu. And a myriad of other diseases. I think what has people so scared is that this strain of Swine Flu is similar to the pathogens which caused the Black Plague and the Spanish Flu, both of which were MASSIVE outbreaks and nearly wiped out the human race, but...wash your hands, cover your mouth, and get a shot. The swine flu is all hype, IMHO.
  6. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Dunno if I had it. I felt a little sick last week (which is a very rare case to me), so who knows.


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