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pokemon fan 132

Place to get things out of system?

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by , 19th November 2012 at 01:40 PM (1286 Views)
Since i usually talk (or more appropriate word would be rant) about pokemon in my blogs, i decided for change to create blog where everyone who would like can ask me anything they want.

I met many interesting people around here. With some of them i just casually chatted while with some i debated more than once, there were agreements and disagreements and even though we had our differences i always respected opposing viewpoints. You could say im highly opinionated person and i usually don't join on bandwagon with what majority has to say making me oddball sometimes.

But that's all good because without confronting opinions forums would be very boring place, and i usually decide for myself if ill support something or not.

Either way im glad i discovered this place and joined(well i knew about it for quite some time but didn't joined until 2008) because i met many great friends, there were many fun talks and i learned quite a few things.

So i want to thank everyone for all those good times i experienced, because regardless of its flaws i consider bulbagarden great community.

I usually don't do this kind of things but since its been 4 years since i joined, i decided to make exception.

So feel free to ask whatever you want to know about me, comment or criticize on my posting style and opinions i have regarding pokemon or other subjects, what you think of me etc, etc.

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  1. Bill Cipher's Avatar
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    Why don't you have an avatar? :D
  2. Phoenixphlare's Avatar
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    why isn't your country active in the magnemite loop?
  3. pokemon fan 132's Avatar
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    @Power of Aura: I guess i never had need to make one on my profile. I dunno i never really payed too much attention to this.

    @Wyvernphlare: you see pokemon in Croatia isn't going strong like it used to be. Many fans just lost interest for it, sad but it happens.
  4. Bluelatios's Avatar
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    Ever since I've met you, I've always known you as the most fierce defender of Pokemon on the forum and I enjoy seeing people like you share their passion for Pokemon anime. What points do you consider particularly difficult to communicate efficiently with others in your conversations? I would highly recommend focusing on streamlining your posts better because there's a difference between what you say and what people take away from that. If you get better with English composition techniques, you'll find that your side of the debate will hold more water simply because its easy to understand. Reading lots of books helps, especially when training yourself to use complete sentences more frequently. I hope this helps man! :)


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