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Is it just me, or there should be made another chronicles?

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I remember how much i was excited when they created spin of focusing on characters which weren't part of anime anymore unfortunately, and it was refreshing to see for a change adventures of other characters beside Ash focusing on their goals and stories.

Nowadays with so many discarded main characters i always thought reviving hosos could be worth a try. When i just imagine possibilities and open ended things they left with characters gives more than enough material to make interesting side stories out of it.

And with many of those you can tell they had room to be done more leaving on unfinished note.

For example we could see Max getting his own starter going on first journey focusing abit on his growth as trainer.

We could see Misty working on her pokemon and improvement as trainer at gym and how much things changed. We could see her go on travels to catch new pokemon and improve skills as trainer following Wallace footsteps advancing career of becoming master of water types. Such as entering Whirl Cup again going all way to top this time and finding out more about her past like vastly unexplored dreams and background behind her fears,ambitions.

There could be showed some of May Johto quest and how far she came at Grand Festival. We could see revival of well liked rivals like Harley, Drew and possibly some new ones being formed. Ir would be interesting to see if she met other challenging coordinators with who she would have to compete with.
Receiving some of Johto pokemon suitable for contests would be welcomed too.

There could be given coverage on Paul further training and re challenge of Brandon.
Etc, etc.

Possibilities are numerous and judging by high demand there is for return of previous Ash companions displays how this could be long term well invested money. Whereas it wouldn't only serve as refreshing alternative for those who got tired of main series formulaic pattern giving them something new on table, but it would also attract wider group of fans toward anime reaching another group of people beyond target audience.

As well new kids having easier time to find out more about Ash friends who were important to pokemon creating its history and understand its past better through further growth they would receive.

Its real pity that writers seemingly didn't even took in consideration benefits another set of specials could provide.

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  1. Bluelatios's Avatar
    Yeah I agree, the anime would benefit from having another chronicles. I can understand why people get tired of the main anime, but I don't think its "repetitive flaws" need to be solved through radical change. Honestly, I feel that when people say they want a "new" anime, all they really need is a new option; something to give them fresh Pokemon entertainment to feast on but also lets them return to the entertainment they've always known and loved. Something to give them a break from "going through the motions" might actually help them continue to love and appreciate the main anime and Pokemon as a whole. Pokemon chronicles, or any other prospective spin-off fits that bill perfectly.
  2. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    Agreed with both of you. A spinoff like Chronicles would really be extremely beneficial for the series as a whole. I'd love it. It kept things fresh in the main anime as Bluelatios stated, because it gave us that alternative, that option, to see other characters and more background/screen time for them.

    It would also help to tie up loose ends with several previous main characters. It's not just you: I couldn't agree more. Another Chronicles/Housou type-eps should be made. Even the BW2 trailer being made into an anime sounds exciting compared to the main one right now to me. xD.
  3. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
  4. GurahkWeavile's Avatar
    I really wanna see a Season 2 of Pokemon Chronicles, because it showed more of the adventures of the other cast like Tracey, Richie, and the Pichu Brothers. I enjoyed it, and I think Attila & Hun are the TRUE Team Rocket! I wanna see what's been going on with Gary, Paul, May, Lyra, but most importantly: Max! Why can't I have a series where he starts his journey? Instead of just dumb fanfics! C'mon, Nintendo! Do it for the fans!


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