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Critic research made about Misty from pokemon series?

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Hi to everyone.

Not so long ago i came across some interesting article concerning Misty character and i decided to share it with you guys and girls commenting about it . It was research conducted about Misty characterization and personality, appeal and impact she left on pokemon series storyline and fandom in general.

This examination and research was made by several writers and experts which introspected her overall influence on show, credibility and importance she played in pokemon anime, in establishing its popularity and alluring audience toward it during 5 pokemon seasons she starred in through books and articles they published during 2004 and 2008.

Not sure how many of you are familiarized with this to begin with, but personally i do find it interesting that such kind of introspection and attention was made about Misty with other experts offering their analysis and point of view about her integrity for storyline, appeal and overall role she played in pokemon. Describing her as unusually deep and complete female protagonist for animated series bringing lot of identity, charm and balance in it.

This kind of things we don't get often or at all as far as pokemon and its characters are concerned so its nice piece of info to know about recognition and respect Misty received for value and positive image she brought to pokemon franchise.

Here is what im talking about with down below being segment of what said books and articles had to say on this:

Critical reception
The book The Japanification of Children's Popular Culture described Misty's portrayal in the anime as a mother figure, calling her a "nurturing component" for the original trio of herself, Ash and Brock.[5] It further described her as an "unusually 'complete' girl of the cartoon world", noting both her feminine sentimentality and her "explosive rage".[6] Anime Classics Zettai!: 100 Must-See Japanese Animation Masterpieces praised the character as being "particularly nuanced" and described her as contributing heavily to the series' appeal.[7] Pikachu's Global Adventure: The Rise and Fall of Pokémon stated that the anime focused on Ash, Misty was a distinctly significant character especially to young female consumers, neither "butch" nor "dizzily feminine", seemingly "carefully constructed to appeal to preadolescent girls".[8] It added that unlike other aggressive female characters in the series, Misty did not sacrifice her femininity to succeed, making the character further popular with young American women, a contrast to Japanese children who focused more on the individual Pokémon species to identify with.[9]

In studies on the reactions boys and girls had to the concept of Misty as a heroine in the series, girls accepted it and were eager to associate themselves with the character,[10][11] while boys attempted to belittle her efforts.[10] On the other hand, children of both genders felt the character alongside Brock gave Ash a sense of identity and moral support, which researchers attributed to the concept of group identity.[12] In another study, children were shown to associate the attributes of attractiveness and aggressiveness, while college students described the character as romantic.[13] Pikachu's Global Adventure additionally stated Misty also served as a source of non-threatening sexuality for both older and younger male viewers, though the context of such was presented in a more subtle for North American localizations of the series.[14]

[edit] Notes and references
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What i have to say about it?

Its not really surprising to me why Misty according to critics and research made about her character left big impact on viewers and pokemon anime in general posing good role model to look up too. In sense of showing how you can be both feminine, girly and weak to cuteness but also strong, inependant girl which has temper and spunk knowing how to fight for yourself and be selfsufficient not being afraid to follow your dreams and teach others to believe in themselves.
I can definitely see from where such premise and depiction comes.

Looking back in my opinion she had excellent personality, quality interacting with group and several characters, showed gradual change while going through process of maturing through OS and afterwards in chronicles with various sides of her being showed(beside just temper)being tomboyish and stubborn but also feminine,snarky,romantic and timid not ending as flat one-dimensional character. Along with having several notable achievements while striving to become master of water types.

Goal which was original and unique for that point and time offering another innovative way through which pokemon can be promoted and see someone grow forward through different, veiled with mystery way compared to usual regular trainer role Ash fulfilled. Offering wide array of directions to be taken and utlize most abundant, diverse pokemon specie out there relying on one of most essential element required for life(water). Whirl Cup, idolizing Lorelei dreaming to achieve that level of skill and all those memorable moments when Misty bonded with pokemon using her expertize(like Marill or giant Tentacruel wrecking Porta Vista offered small glimpse of how much potential there existed being something new and different back than in having type specialist trying to become very best and learn ins and out about pokemon as whole).

Accompanied with sad backstory having to deal with selfish older siblings which demeaned her and discarded as useless leaving negative traces on her psyche building up tough exterior, growing up without parents and prove herself to anyone being someone with who people could relate and feel sorry for.

All of this created ingredient for complex and complete character brimming with personality, flaws and insecurities having many interests, sense for justice pushing others to believe in themselves and serve as backbone, motivator which helped move story and main protagonist forward while sharing with viewers her own past and motivations paving way for future generations to come, Leaving impact on other characters and anime plot helping in making it worldwide popular and recognized thanks to her antics, playful outburstds and diverse, passionate characterization.

In short i can definitely agree why critics referred to Misty as unique and important character for pokemon anime during her reign leaving huge impact on its viewers with many to this day missing her wanting that she returns and play some prominent role once more. At least i get such kind of impression.

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  1. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
    Good find! I already knew about the quoted portion, but your insight on this is interesting.
  2. Garren's Avatar
    College students describing a 12-year old girl as "romantic", I guess this pretty much proves what we all realized long ago about Misty fans.
  3. HumanDawn's Avatar
    Wait, where was it stated that Misty grew up without parents? It's been a long while since I've seen the OS(I've been rewatching some episodes though) and I don't recall such a thing ever being stated. Thanks in advance.
  4. pokemon fan 132's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Garren
    College students describing a 12-year old girl as "romantic", I guess this pretty much proves what we all realized long ago about Misty fans.
    That decription from students contains quite alot of truth actually. Misty was definitely romantic talking quite a few times about love. Romance, relationship between boys and girls trying to pair others like Nidoran kids or Jenaro and Ariene from Whirl Islands., Fantasized over being in France and teaching Brock how to approach other girls(i remember one especially memorable moment frpom Johto when Temaku wanted to marry him) being angered by his pasiveness.

    @HumanDawn: Well according to this novelizations from Takeshi Shudo blogs Misty parents left their kids going who knows where, just like it was situation with Brock parents.
    New Old School

    Granted not everything what mr. Shudo stated there counts as canon(in fact many or most things dont), but in Misty case this remark could very likely hold truth to it. Since whenever she was at Cerulean only Daisy and other two sisters were present with no signs of parents. Whenever there was flashback of her childhood(like getting ruptured dolls and left overs), or when being almost eaten by Gyarados as baby only her older sisters were shown taking care of her. Or better say not taking much care at all with Misty quite a few times through confession to Ash and Brock stating how she lived in their shadow not getting much attention at all telling how they don't know how its like to be youngest among siblings.

    Making pretty strong case accompanied with what was showed in novelizations of Misty and her older sisters having to take care of themselves on their own.
    Updated 15th December 2013 at 01:07 PM by pokemon fan 132
  5. HumanDawn's Avatar
    Ouch, that's really sad. Thanks for the link! Misty is great, and she definitely had given the show some good appeal.
  6. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    I expected Scott to post here. I am disappoint. Whenever either you or Scott posts something about Misty, the other is instantly drawn to it. :P
  7. Bluelatios's Avatar
    Oh, so there was an actual study using Pokemon characters? This sounds fascinating, could you send a link to this? I wonder if they examined Brock as well.
  8. p96822's Avatar
    I still think that Misty charter is more pull out of other anime like Ranma 1/2 or something like that. I really still not care for this charter when I was young and I don't like her now.


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