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  1. Misty from pokemon! How long absence contribute in characters becoming forgotten?

    Hello everyone. I know that many of my blogs used to be about OS or Misty in past, but i think how this subject is warranted and provides interesting food for thought. Which has been sweep aside for very long time.

    Reason why im bringing up Misty is because as its been known she was one of pokemon protagonists which got replaced early in long running series called pokemon. As time went on she started to be pushed aside little by little until writers decided to erase her completely ...
  2. What makes someone a "true" pokemon fan?

    Its been a long time last time i made blog, partially because of real life obligations but also because im not type of person which writes this kind of things too often.

    However there is something which drawed my attention over the years making me want to talk about one of biggest, deep rooteed issues going in pokemon community. Anime wise that is.

    There have been many times i met people labeling others who stopped watching pokemon anime because of some big change as ...

    Updated 12th April 2014 at 04:01 AM by pokemon fan 132

  3. Critic research made about Misty from pokemon series?

    Hi to everyone.

    Not so long ago i came across some interesting article concerning Misty character and i decided to share it with you guys and girls commenting about it . It was research conducted about Misty characterization and personality, appeal and impact she left on pokemon series storyline and fandom in general.

    This examination and research was made by several writers and experts which introspected her overall influence on show, credibility and importance she ...

    Updated 15th December 2013 at 06:56 AM by pokemon fan 132

  4. My review on XY series premiere and following episodes ratings!

    As its known probably by now premiere of first two Kalos episode which was so much hyped and heavily promoted got miserable score of 5.3. Thats even worse than i expected it to be. Not counting Original series which blows out of water any saga afterwards as far as rating goes all subsequent series like AG, DP and start of BW had decent amount of interest and popularity going for them with premieres usually getting 9.0+ rating score.

    And now every next episode is having worse perecentage ...

    Updated 13th November 2013 at 11:05 AM by pokemon fan 132

  5. Thoughts about new Kalos(XY) cast and future!

    Judging by current coro coro scans, trailer and info it seems how we might be getting replica of AG generation cast in case this ends up to be true. With added difference of having two girls in main cast.

    Now this is something many people wanted to see for years creating ground for more varied and balanced dynamic compared to predominance boys played in cast as far as Pokemon go.

    Ill admit Clemont looks like interesting choice with his gadget sarms and affinity to invent ...

    Updated 17th September 2013 at 06:14 AM by pokemon fan 132

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