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Snow, tents and anger

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by , 9th March 2011 at 02:25 PM (287 Views)
This has been the longest Monday ever. It basically lasted for 60 hours, pretty much nonstop from Monday till today. While people play Black and White, I spent the two last nights outside.

I mean, there's few feelings like waking up and looking at the ceiling and knowing it's your jacket, but any day your boots are frozen stiff, you know that's a day you should stay in your bed. Or sleeping bag, in this case. It's also fun to sleep with 7 others in a place that fits 4-5 comfortably. Was pretty warm though, no matter how much it snowed outside the tent. It's also rather bad when you get to know that you're sleeping out just when you think you're done for the day.

Now I have to clean my weapon after the firing range, dry up my clothes and make myself ready for more tomorrow, with a chance of sleeping outside yet again. It would have been better if we actually got a decent tent to sleep in, instead of digging into the snow, but hey, we're a reckon unit after all, tents doesn't matter!

That aside we did make an awesome snowman (or snowwoman would perhaps be more appropriate...) today. It was pretty ... dirty, to say the least, but it was the most awesome of the snowmen that was built.

This week just sucks, that's the easy way to say it. Except perhaps Saturday.

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