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My trashed mafias

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As you might know, I have succesfully hosted 4 mafia's so far (5 counting both times I hosted RPS mafia), while also succesfully co-hosting another. However, what you might not know, is that I have come up with many more mafias than that. Some merely a concept, others some role ideas, others multiple role pm's. No matter what though, they all ended up trashed. I ran out of inspiration. And as I sometimes say, you can't force inspiration. It's the reason why I almost never talk about mafia's I'm working on, because me working on a mafia means nothing.

I was actually browsing my documents yesterday and couldn't believe how many text files containing the word "mafia" in the title I found. Anyway, since I've officially gave up on these mafias, I thought it might be fun to share all the mafia ideas I once came up with and then trashed. Maybe give some examples for roles and mechanic concepts I had thought out for it. I'll try to stick to chronological order:

Disney Mafia

Ah, the first mafia I ever came up with and then officially trashed, starting the tradition. It's actually not chronologically the one I created first in this list, but it's the first one where I said to myself "this is never gonna work", and then decided to just give it up forever. This because this mafia was complicated as fuck. Obviously the roles were based on disney characters, with the mafia being the disney villains. The twist though, every character had their own story to follow. Basically they had their own quest, which consisted of several steps. Every step required you to do something, and every time you completed a step you'd go to the next step which in many cases would give you a new power. If you completed your quest you'd get like an upgrade or an auto-win or something (don't remember exactly what I had planned). These quests qould follow the movie plots, and generally required you to have your fellow movie-characters alive (and active), both villain and good guy. Quests would be abruptly ended if any of the participants died. This meant the mafia could choose between risking to win their quest, or potentially lose it and probably die, or just cut the quest short by killing a participant. There was a way around it though, two neutral characters in Roxas and Xion from kingdom hearts were able to fill any void any dead person left to help others finish their quest, though they could just advance one quest per night.

I never really got around to writing role pm's, as after a while I realised this would be way too much work and way too complicated, but I did have some drafts for stories and role changes. I'm not showing you the former, you can just look up a summary of the movie, but here are two roles as they would change.

The stories I had planned so far were Mickey/Donald/Goofy, Bambi, Peter Pan, the aristocats, beauty and the beast, the Little Mermaid, the Lion King, Mulan and Tangled.

So yeah, that concludes the first mafia I trashed after it being way too much work. The concept was interesting, but just not doable.

Pokémon Colosseum Mafia

Ok this one was actually before disney mafia, but it wasn't untill later I considered it trashed. I had this mafia pretty much entirely written out on a piece of paper, and all I have left right now on my pc is 7 role pm's, since I can't find the paper anywhere and am pretty sure I threw it out. These role pm's are very simple, it's pretty nice. Ah well, what would you expect from my first mariowiki mafia? I actually worked out the entire mafia (just hadn't written all the roles yet), but when I put it up on mariowiki for sign-ups not enough people wanted to sign up. I eventually requested it to be closed despite some people encouraging me to wait just a little longer, and created a mafia I thought would get more attention (I really wanted to host on mariowiki for once), which you might know as Rock Paper Scissors Mafia, a mafia I later succesfully re-hosted on bmgf, albeit more roles here.

As for the mechanics, they were there, but I don't really remember them. Wes could snag shadow pokémon and win the game if he succesfully snagged all of them before they died, and get powers for other numbers. Shadow pokémon could all use shadow rush besides their regular power, whatever that might be, and iirc there were two cops neither of which could determine with 100% wether someone was mafia or not, one could just sense if they were evil or not, and another could sense something else (shadowness?), but I don't remember the specifics.

Money mafia

I think the place on the timeline of this mafia is here. This mafia was focused around money, with votes costing money, nightactions costing money, etc. There even were multiple instances to go to with your money, like a casino, a store, or the notary. As a newb this was too hard for me to set-up, and I dropped it because of that. At least I incorporated the money idea in Kid Icarus: Uprising mafia later on, though of course you couldn't do much with your money there besides spending it on items and losing it because of rule-breaking.

Chrono Trigger Mafia

This game was going to be centered around Lavos, an independent character who would be unkillable untill certain circumstances were met. Besides that there were also a normal mafia and town. The mafia consisted of Queen Zeal, Azala, Mother Brain, Dalton and Ozzie, the town was basically every good guy in the game. Why did I drop it? I both ran out of ideas for roles super quickly and couldn't think of a way not to make Lavos overpowered or underpowered.

Phoenix Wright mafia

This was going to be my next big thing after RPS mafia, incorporating "court phases" somehow. Somehow. Never really figured out how. My notes on this are kinda empty, though appearently some Layton characters were gonna have roles (even though the crossover wasn't announced yet, ha!). I also had this plan for making everyone anonymous somehow, as it would remove all meta and make it more fun. My original idea for that was making a new forum, but I also thought that might be troubling somehow. This idea was later turned into Sockpuppet mafia, the idea I had in which players would play a mafia game as their sock during halloween. After telling my fellow mods about the idea they were interested, and my idea was then stolen put in motion after I stepped down.

Fictional female redhead mafia

So then I thought, if I can't come up with roles for a pre-set cast of characters, maybe I'll be able to work better in a mafia game in which I'll basically have infinite options. As you know from the theme of this blog, that was not the case. This theme seemed pretty wacky to me and I thought I'd be able to create some great roles. And I was! I'm not going to share all of it, but I will share some.

Misty from pokemon had an egg she could warm or not warm every night for four phases. The combination would decide what it would hatch into. The solution was actually very easy, warm it four times and you get the best power, leave it alone four times and you will become an RNG controlled puppet.

Jenna from golden sun had another super complicated role, in which every night she could use a djinn, but get a permanent vote against her in the process. Then at night she could also choose to summon the used djinn, with the powers growing better and better the more djinn were use. High risk high reward.

Besides that I had a role that would postpone death for multiple phases, a character that auto-revived (Lynne from ghost trick), a doctor that could protect three phases in the future (Priscilla from fire emblem), and someone who was allowed to ignore every rule and still not be modkilled (Izzy from total drama island). Yes yes, a creative mafia indeed.

So why did I trash it? These roles were all so unique I was having trouble creating normal roles. And my creativity just felt drained after a while. So I stopped creating new roles. Then later I trashed it in favour of Mijzelffan mafia.

Animated Movie mafia

The document for this on my pc doesn't mention mafia anywhere. It just shows animated movies and their rotten tomatoes ranks. That probably decided the mafia. There is nothing else, but I do know it was supposed to be a mafia. Why I trashed it? No idea. Not enough motivation to start it I guess.

Comic mafia

This mafia never even got written down, because I couldn't decide on the theme. Comic meant superhero comics would be fair game too, so I switched it Belgian comic mafia. But then I couldn't have certain French comics in it. And then I said screw this. All because I couldn't think of a good way to name the theme of this mafia.

Sinterklaas Mafia

I still intend to host this sometime actually, but the waiting list is always way fuller than I expect. Next year I should just submit this game in July and hold it untill half november or something. Based on the traditional Dutch holiday, this game will immediatly be won by the mafia if they manage to kill Sinterklaas. I won't reveal too much of it besides that, as who knows, I might actually host it next year.

Story mafia

Basically how Ryuutakeshi and Zenax used their own universes to take characters from and create a mafia, I have considered doing the same. The problem is I don't know my own universe in full yet. I generally expand them when I have nothing to do like on the bus if I have nothing better to think of and just happen to stumble upon a good idea. Anyway, like Sinterklaas mafia, this would have a special condition in which the mafia only has to kill ~10 councilmembers rather than all innocents in order to secure victory. Of course the innocent non-council members were gonna be the ones with all the good powers, which would put the mafia in an interesting position as for who to try to kill.

Mijzelffan Mafia

Still not knowing what just kept going wrong with my mafias, I figured maybe I was still too limited in character choices in FFRM mafia. After all, @Stooben Rooben; from Mariowiki made the best mafias and he seemingly just used some of his favourite fictional characters for it. I could do that too. However, mistake #2 I made seemed to start with stuff on paper too quickly. So I postponed writing stuff down untill the last moment. Which worked! Because once I finally did start to write it down I ran out of ideas eventually. And that brought me to the conclusion, having a theme is actually better, as then when you run out of ideas you can just create something based on the character you're creating for. So that is what led to Kid Icarus Uprising mafia. Which finally ended the trend of trashing things and became a succesful mafia! Mijzelffan mafia's legacy lived on though, as one of the more interesting mechanics I was gonna incorporate was the shop. The shop lived through three players called traveling salesmen though, and once all three were dead the shop was dead too. And some roles were incorporated back into KI:U mafia too, like Discord the chaos maker, which became a power of the chaos kin. Besides that there are some roles I came up with in this mafia that I am definitely using in future mafias, so there's that too. I also think the weapon + health system was supposed to be in this if I went through with it.

Mafia: the story

This actually came right after BMGf Mafia II. Maybe even before it. But I didn't list it sooner because it's not a mafia. It's a story. A story about a village that has a mafia/werewolf problem. It could make a great story. I have some characters created, but I never actually bother to start the story. Probably because I don't know where to start. And probably because I don't think I'll be able to write well enough to actually make the story enjoyable. Ah well.

So that concludes pretty much every trashed mafia I remember (Well actually I trashed a couple of drafts of BMGf Mafia IV too, but I'm not going into detail because I still plan on hosting that sometime). Generally I manage to succesfully finish and host a mafia if I really want to host one, and don't take too long creating roles. BMGf Mafia was created with the desire to host, BMGf Mafia II was a sequel to that, RPS mafia was also created from a desire to host, after which the sequel was the 2.0 version hosted on bmgf, and after all the trashed mafias mentioned above Kid Icarus: Uprising mafia was also finished on a pure desire to finally finish and host a mafia after I trashed most stuff shown here above.

How many mafias will I trash in the future? Only time will tell. But if this trend continues it's gonna be a lot. :P

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  1. Gaga's Avatar
    That Izzy role sounds very fun and would work with restrictions.
    Hope you don't mind me trying something like that eventually sometime in the future :P
  2. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @FrostyGaga; yeah go ahead, the fact that I shared the role already means I wasn't really planning on using it anymore myself in future games ^^
  3. Paperhorse's Avatar
    Wow, a lot of your ideas are so creative!
  4. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Paperhorse; thanks! I generally try to make my (potential) mafias stand out in some way.
  5. Mintaka's Avatar
    No wonder your games are really good, you put a lot of thought into those xD
  6. Hunter Blade's Avatar
    We need the Mizzy Mafia now. Btw, it's okay to have to ask somebody for help.
  7. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Hunter Blade; but co-hosts limit my creativity. Also Mizzy mafia is too hard. I need a theme.
  8. Exor's Avatar
    I scrap ideas a lot too, but then again, I've only hosted one mafia.
  9. Hunter Blade's Avatar
    @Mijzelffan; Oh, I just meant for writing.
  10. Akuraito's Avatar
    [quote]a character that auto-revived (Lynne from ghost trick)[/quote]


    Loved that game. <3


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