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Memory Link's missed opportunities

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In case you don't know what memory link is, in B2W2 it allows you to link to BW which will send over data like your name to be used in various places, it unlocks flashbacks from npc's, transfers over Cheren and Bianca's old teams, gives you your old prop case and copies your room and allows you to catch some of N's old pokémon.

Personally I really like memory link, but think they could've improved upon it more. Most importantly, they could've actually made the BW protagonist appear. In GSC they first made an attempt at having the previous protagonist appear, but because of limitations they just gave him a standard team and name. Now with memory link, they could actually have taken data from BW and allowed you to battle your BW character. For instance in the champion's tournament, though he/she could also just be an npc battle somewhere else as ultimate trainer.

Now even if that's too much, they could've at least done some memory link flashbacks including the BW character. Like one where he/she says goodbye to their mother and tells her he/she's leaving to look for N (the mother doing all the talking of course, silent protagonist). For a feature that can only be unlocked by linking to a BW cartridge it's kinda weird none of the flashbacks include the BW character.

Of course, it'd also have been nice to have seen other minor stuff like having the BW character's name on the certified trainer's list in gyms, but then they'd have to add Cheren's name as well and the list of names would be filled up pretty quickly.

Still, I wonder why they didn't do this stuff. Maybe due to time constraints or something. Maybe they insisted on only having 7 champions in the champions tournament (which explains Iris' absence, but not why they couldn't place the BW trainer as an NPC somewhere). Anyway, anyone else have any thoughts on the subject?

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  1. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    I was expecting a Mass Effect style "Save file carry-over' system. I was probably expecting a bit too much. :(
  2. Silktree's Avatar
    Now even if that's too much, they could've at least done some memory link flashbacks including the BW character.
    It's the other way around: Importing the trainer data would have been trivial (it's been done before in the Johto and Hoenn games), but the flashbacks would have required some work. I think that the novelty of battling yourself would have worn out quickly; many players would have just exploited the feature to make the Champion Tournament easier.
  3. CrackFox's Avatar
    Sorry, while you were explaing all that I was thinking of how funny a tortoise would look, riding a skateboard.
  4. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Silktree; not if they based the teams of for instance latest hall of fame data. Also I wasn't talking too much in terms of work, but like in that they think it's too much to have the main character come back.


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