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I've been thinking

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Taking a crap in a hole in the ground when it's -10 degrees outside really makes you appreciate life a little more.

Pretty much concludes my last 10 days...

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Not Mijzelffan , H-con


  1. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    No comment on that.
  2. Kars's Avatar
    he just came home from afgan
  3. H-con's Avatar
    home from afghan? Wut?

    No comment on that.
    I wouldn't recommend testing it, though if you find yourself in a position when you gotta go, I would highly recommend doing it. It saves you a lot of hate. I did it three times during the latest ten days, but that was mostly because our field toilet was down (taking a crap in a plastic bag isn't that much better anyways).
  4. Vaexa's Avatar
    I had to do this exact same thing once.
    In the dark.
  5. Hunter Blade's Avatar
    I love the cold, but I don't think my butt would let me take a crap when it's that cold.


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