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For blog that has any relation to school.

  1. Yes, the italics are gone.

    Because I keep getting questions about this, here this blog :P

    I asked to be demoted because university is a lot of work and takes a lot of time, time I usually spent in too much on bulbagarden. Since I have tried to cut back a lot of times but have failed time and time again (I seriously lack discipline), I decided to take more drastic measures, starting with getting me demoted. And shortly after that I decided to also stop playing mafia games for a while. And if I'm still too active ...
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    After 13 years, I finally have it. My ticket to my future. I love this piece of paper ^^

    (This is only the top half by the way, for safety reasons.)

    The graduation ceremony was awesome. Our section head telling anecdotes about everyone one by one once they got to get their diploma, talking with friends and teachers afterwards, it was great ^^

    Also, tomorrow I plan to go ...
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  3. I passed my finals!

    Meaning I graduated highschool!~ Yay!
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  4. Done with all my finals

    So vacation for me, yay~

    It has been a tiring week. Seriously, I hardly remember anything from before my finals (2 weeks ago). To me that feels like months back. But now I'm all done. Just hoping for good results now.

    As for things I'm planning to do now that I'm free:

    -Work on my mafia
    --Watch various kind of Disney movies for that mafia
    -Get a new video card, since mine sucks
    --Play through every single Kingdom Hearts game ...
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  5. Tomorrow shall mark the beginning of the end...

    With which I mean that the weeks of my finals start tomorrow. As for my entire schedule:

    Monday: Dutch (4.4)
    Thursday: Management (4.9)
    Friday: Economy (4.4) and German (5.3)
    Monday: History (1.0)
    Tuesday: Math (4.2)
    Wednesday: Society Science (4.9)
    Thursday: English (3.7)
    Friday: Latin (5.4)

    Those numbers in the brackets being the minimum grades I need to get for each final, on a 1-10 scale. Though at ...
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