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No whining in this catergory, just fun stuff. Games and stuff.

  1. This dangan ronpa video is pure happiness

    I can't describe it any other way, I just can't help but smile every time I watch it.

    Kirigirigirigiri jin jin, kirigirigiri jin jin jin! I love this video so much x)
  2. Who wants to join my blog?

    Not so fast, read what I have to say first (or skip to the tl;dr at the bottom).

    Today marks 1 year since @Neosquid; and @Zenax; battled fiercely in the finale of my blog membership challenge. They challenged fiercely alongside @TheMissingno.; @Baron Brixius; @Contrary; @H-con; @Truth is Elusive; Eponine ...
    BMGf , Fun & games
  3. My trashed mafias

    As you might know, I have succesfully hosted 4 mafia's so far (5 counting both times I hosted RPS mafia), while also succesfully co-hosting another. However, what you might not know, is that I have come up with many more mafias than that. Some merely a concept, others some role ideas, others multiple role pm's. No matter what though, they all ended up trashed. I ran out of inspiration. And as I sometimes say, you can't force inspiration. It's the reason why I almost never talk about mafia's I'm ...
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  4. The BMGf Shipping awards!

    Yes yes, it is time for the BMGf Shipping awards! Actually being the first one of its kind, this awards ceremony will allow you to vote! Vote for what you ask? Why, your favourite bulbagarden shippings of course! What is the most popular ship throughout bulbagarden? If you help out by voting we will know soon!

    You are allowed to place votes on three ships, none of which can feature more than two people per ship.You may use this list for convenience, but the ship you vote for doesn't ...
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  5. The drawing you have all waited for!

    Before you open the spoiler, don't expect too much, it's only drawn in paint and I'm not that great of a drawer. Lowered your expectations? Ok good, then you may proceed:

    Personally I'm glad to see it turned out as the big happy drawing full of characters I hoped it would be. :3 So before you click the next spoiler, how about you check to see if you can recognise some people ...
    Random things , BMGf , Fun & games
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