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Bulbaversary blog, finally

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If you are reading this then it means I finally succeeded in actually writing a bulbaversary blog for once. And I'm only 1 day late! I was gonna write a bulbaversary blog last year, but failed to finish it in time as I suck with deadlines. Anyway, it's my 4th bulbaversary this year. And as per the tradition started by Ryuutakeshi, that means I am supposed to mass-mention everyone I know and say stuff about them.

So yeah, four years. I've been banned twice, I've been promoted to provisional moderator once, have witnessed the bulbagarden conversational chat thread go through four versions, have seen mafia become popular (a lot say I caused it) and get it its own board because of it, have gotten a board created for side-games only for it to be removed later on, etc. And of course met a lot of people in those four years. Which means it's time to get sappy! And to mass-mention people. Sorry if I didn't write anything about you, it's mainly because I wanted to finish this blog in time avoid finishing this blog later than I have to. ^^" Here we go:

Of course, there are plenty of more people who made being on bmgf memorable, but for some I wouldn't know what to write, and for others I just don't have the time to write something. For instance all the people I played mafia with at some point. No mafia without fellow players who all make the game enjoyable!

I wonder if that's everyone. Who am I kidding I'm probably not even close. I'm sorry if I missed anyone, I'm just human (one who is already running late with this blog).

Of course, not only mafia players made my time on bmgf memorable, there are many more people that helped achieve that, either in the conversational thread, through vm's, on skype, or through whatever way. So here is your reward, a mention!

Damn I mentioned a lot of people in this blog. And yet I'm still afraid that someone is gonna feel left out because I didn't mention them. x) Please don't feel left out people who I didn't mention, just assume I forgot you due to being rushed. Which might just be the case anyway. Well that's the end of this blog. But not the end of me! Let's hope I'll be around on bmgf for an even longer time!

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  1. Pariah's Avatar
    I'm just kidding

    Hope you had a good one!
  2. Ebail's Avatar
    Thank you for the mention bulbadad. Happy bulbaversary.
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    Thank you! Happy Bulbaversary!
  4. Parmalee's Avatar
    Happy belated bulbaversary!
  5. Mintaka's Avatar
    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the mention :3
    Happy Bulbaversary, and yeah, I started posting from the second version. I don't know if I was even on the forums when the first chat thread was there xD
    Updated 25th December 2012 at 12:48 AM by Mintaka
  6. Trainer-c's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary, man. Here's to many more.
  7. Abba's Avatar
  8. H-con's Avatar
    @Mijzelffan; , thanks for the good times in the BCCT. Doubt I would even be on this forum without people like you. Also, have a nice Christmas as well.

    Now, just to come up with some new blog ideas so I can spam down your blog...
  9. Luminosity's Avatar
    Happy belated Bulbaversary! Thanks for the mention, and I hope there are many more Bulbaversaries in your future :)
  10. Zenax's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary Mizzle!
  11. Netto Azure's Avatar
    Can't believe I am a Mafia regular tehehehe.
  12. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Netto Azure; iirc you played in quite some games. Maybe I'm misremembering things then though xD
  13. Netto Azure's Avatar
    I did. ;D
  14. Faye Scarlet's Avatar
    owo many congrats!
  15. Wiilio's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary! I dunno what I did, but... glad I could be of assistance? haha
  16. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Wiilio; haha, yeah you probably don't remember me, but when you were still a moderator of the RMT forum you were always very helpful. And you are still on my friendlist, which has been my main source of figuring out which people to mention for this blog.
  17. ChinYao's Avatar
    ;_; PEOPLE STOP DOING THIS TO ME. I come online ages later and feel awful for being so late and inactive D8
  18. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Hallowheart; aw don't worry about it, better late than never! ^^ (especially considering that some people who I mentioned here haven't acknowledged this blog at all even though I've seen them online :<)
  19. mariowie's Avatar
    Thank, sorry that I can be online that often anymore.
    Got a fulltime job now, and the last months where really crazy.
    Lol I am late to say this but ow well.
  20. temporaryaccount's Avatar
    Mijzelffan! You're too nice :)

    I hardly come on Bulbagarden anymore T__T Thank you for the mention though :) I remember liking you a lot too! I wish some of the old threads were still around... I miss things Shipping Pictures a lot.

    Even though I'm not in love with Gen 5, I do love the fact that members from 3 years ago are still kickin'. I should get myself of J-Pop forums and over here more. Maybe it'll be my first ever New Years Resoution?
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