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immewnity's discoveries

Things I find that no one cares about.

  1. Fail or win?


    You decide.


    In other news, I got to experience the 3DS today at Best Buy, and lemme tell you this: Face Raiders > Street Fighter. I swear. Best thing EVER.

    It was kinda funny, though; there was a Sony rep there watching people experience the PlayStation Move, and since no one was playing that, he kept asking me about Zelda: Skyward Sword and Street Fighter. Irony wins.
  2. Just tried the 3DS and...

    ...it was amazing! I tried out Pilotwings Resort and Mii Maker (don't tell Best Buy that :P), and am planning to go back later. Any suggestions as to what I should try? Only built-in stuff, please. And no AR; I don't want to look suspicious.
  3. It only took two years to do that?

    "It took about two years to come up with the 151 Pokémon. It took about six years from the start of the concept to execution. We started the project right after Quinty was released and initially, we were aiming to have about fifty Pokémon. But every year, the technology improved so while it started at 50, by the end of about the fourth year we realised that we could do about 150 Pokémon. In that sense, I suppose we didn’t really have a set target number – it just depended on the ...
  4. Can someone help me with these lyrics?

    Song link: [URL=http://dsmovies.ign.com/ds/audio/article/115/1153627/Pokemon%20Theme%20-%20Cant%20Stop.mp3]Can't Stop (Catchin' 'Em All)[/URL]

    What I've got so far (don't know are ?, need confirmation *word*):

    Alomomola is caring and sweet,
    Axew ?? with tusks and teeth,
    Cofagrigus is gho-gho-ghosty,
    Darmanitan is so-so-toasty,
    Basculin comes in red and blue,
    Blitzle is electric and *cute*,
    Audino can hear everything,
    Deerling goes ...
  5. When I get bored on Valentine's Day part 2...


    This was... scary. Very scary.
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