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immewnity's discoveries

Things I find that no one cares about.

  1. 'All your base are belong to us' "translates" into...

    Yeah. This site, [url]http://www.conveythis.com/translation.php[/url] , gives a bunch of translations that end up bad.

    And, somehow, "All your base are belong to us" becomes...

    AFRIKAANS : Al jou base is behoort aan ons.
    Back to ENGLISH : All your base are belong to us.
    ALBANIAN : Të gjithë bazën tuaj janë përkasin na.
    Back to ENGLISH : All your base are belong to us.
    ARABIC : كل ما تبذلونه من ...
  2. BW did better than Call of Duty

    Despite what you may have heard about Call of Duty: Black Ops being the fastest-selling video game ever, it's all been over-mediaized. Technically, it's true. Figuratively, it's not. That 5.6 million copies in 2 days is North America and the UK combined, the 7 million taking into account the rest of Europe and other worldwide countries. VGCharts estimates that 3.6 million copies were sold in the United States; therefore, approximately %1.17261342 of the United States population bought COD: ...
  3. If Black and White sell as well in Japan after American release...


    That'd be how many sold in a month and a half.

  4. This is what makes me bubbly inside

    Look at this:

    See little Spiky-Eared Pichu down at the bottom right corner? Well, I found a nice high-res version of that, and well...


    That's her ear.

    Yeah. HUGE. 2,000 pixels.
  5. This is what the new Osaka PokeCenter will look like


    Kinda awesome! See the Battrio machines?

    The location will be changed too. I'm deciding whether this should be a Bulbanews article, though.
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