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  1. Umihara Kawase is almost out on Steam

    Get this game, seriously, it owns. The music and physics are great. The first game was one of the great cult classics of the SNES era that never came stateside - and it and the second game are getting ported too for that matter. This is the third in the series, and probably the biggest of them.
  2. Animal Crossing amiibo Cards

    So I have brought Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, perhaps out of boredom induced by having very little new things to do on my 3DS. I am happy to say taking on the role of an estate agent/ interior decorator has proven fun and addictive.

    I also got a hold of one packet of amiibo cards with the game. My cards were Puck the penguin, who I've never heard of; Cheri the bear, I was pleased to see as she live in my village and Luna who runs the Dream Suite which I thought was a nice ...
  3. Glittering Celestial V Compendium E-J

    Emerald Arrow--an operative of the Darkened Quarry based on the emerald. Her monsters typically use ranged attacks (eg. arrows, bullets and similar projectiles, as well as other weapons and implements that can attack from a distance.) She typically is spotted scouting the area she plans to attack aboard her faithful Yanmega Burnblight before she strikes. She is best friends with Jade Sickle, often sticking up for him when the other operatives call him a tanooki (when he is actually a sickle weasel) ...
  4. DexNav Chaining Chronicles: Entry 1 (Sandshrew)

    I decided to try my hand (and patience) at using the DexNav to chain for shinies. I never even knew you could use it to chain until recently, and I wanted to see how it compared to Masuda's method. I may or may not do many of these, it all depends on when I feel like hunting.

    I started my little escapade on Route 113; the target would be Sandshrew. I held off doing many of my shiny hunts until I got the Shiny Charm. Well I've had it for a while, and now is the time to make good use ...
    Shiny Hunts