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OH NO! My game froze!

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by , 9th January 2009 at 08:55 PM (475 Views)
My LeafGreen froze! try to do the things below, maybe your game will also freeze!

(NOTE: You must have gave the thirsty girl in Celadon Megamart a Lemonade firs in your game!, Maybe it should be this exact team:Blastoise, Dratini, Pidgeot, Rapidash, Butterfree and Persian.)

Enter Celadon Megamart using the right door. Save. Don't play the game for 2 days. On the next, next, next day, play it. Climb to the 1st level.( the mat in front of the elevator says 1 or sort of.) Ride the elevator to the 5th level. Go up the stairs and buy these items from the 1st vending machine you see while you enter:

Soda Pop(x3)
Fresh Water(x3)

Walk to the second vending machine you see and buy these items in order:

Soda Pop(x1)
Fresh Water(x1)

Talk to the girl and give her the Soda Pop.
Talk to the girl again, and give her the Fresh Water.
Try to leave in front of the vending machines.
Your game will freeze when your between the 2nd and 1st vending machines
you saw while you entered.

It works on my game, I wonder if it does for you too.

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  1. Nekusagi's Avatar
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    Why would we WANT our game to freeze?
  2. Blazevoir's Avatar
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    Hmmm. Let talk about this logically for a minute.

    Just remember that this is LeafGreen, not the original glitchy Red and Blue. So what are the odds that you would find this "glitch" anyway? Note that time doesn't affect LeafGreen, so the "wait 2 days" won't affect anything. Having a specific team never caused glitches before. Why would buying a certain number of drink from a certain vending machine cause your game to crash? It's always possible that you may have accidentally pulled the cartridge out a little while doing this. Maybe you have a faulty game? All I know is there is no explanation for a game to freeze just because of a random sequence of events.
  3. X Dragoon's Avatar
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    That's weird....
  4. Maybe Wednesday's Avatar
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    Absol says <<...>>



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