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  1. OH NO! My game froze!

    My LeafGreen froze! try to do the things below, maybe your game will also freeze!

    (NOTE: You must have gave the thirsty girl in Celadon Megamart a Lemonade firs in your game!, Maybe it should be this exact team:Blastoise, Dratini, Pidgeot, Rapidash, Butterfree and Persian.)

    Enter Celadon Megamart using the right door. Save. Don't play the game for 2 days. On the next, next, next day, play it. Climb to the 1st level.( the mat in front of the elevator says 1 or sort of.) ...
  2. The Bestest Day! It's Today! Yay!

    Yay! it's our Christmas Party!Today! I really loved that!
    I just received another Stuff Toy! Yay! I named her Pinky Poof!
    she's so cute! when you look at her, She's always smiling ! Yay!
    And, we'll have a 15-day vacation Yay!