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Shards of Eternity

"Zelda... I've taken all you had to give... though I did not want it."
~~Midna, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

"Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it."
~~Narrator, Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker
"You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty."
~~Lelouch Lamperouge, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars.
~~Les Brown, Reality
"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour."
~~William Blake, Auguries of Innocence
"These violent delights have violent ends,
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which as they kiss, consume."
~~Friar Lawrence, Romeo and Juliet, Act II Scene VI (Shakespeare)

  1. Happy Holidays

    Happy holidays everyone! I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow :D

    ~ Aie
  2. Welcome Evolution to Destiny!

    The newest Bulbagarden roleplaying games project! Any thoughts so far?
  3. New RPG Project on the horizon~

    So, guys, guess what?! We've been working on a new RPG project for Bulbagarden to enjoy for the last few months and its nearly ready to be launched! We even have a specific date for it; October 16th! So, a month from Thursday, and you'll get to enjoy a brand-new (or is it...?) RPG! We're even thinking about some festivities to open it up with! Any ideas? A battle tournament perhaps?

    Well, on that note, that's all I've got for now, stay tuned for more~

    EDIT: Btw, ...
  4. National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine

    Good God. I must be hot shit, because I'm getting these things monthly now... Anyone heard of this one or have any info that could be of help?
    My Life
  5. People to People

    Recently, I received a letter from the People to People organization regarding a trip to Australia. I had also received a letter last year regarding a trip to Europe. Has anyone ever had any dealings with People to People? One of my friends went to DC one year, and she had a blast apparently. Now, the price isn't so much of a deterrent as some of the reviews. I've read alot of reviews about how the price is too much, blah blah blah. The major things I'm concerned with is my health. I've read ...
    My Life
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