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Dorm or Apartment?

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by , 21st July 2012 at 03:21 PM (494 Views)
Okay, so I'm going to go to college in nearly a month. I have two options which essentially cost the same. I can either stay in an apartment or a dorm. Below is a list of stuff that each has/layouts/etc.

- One room shared between two people
- Microfridge
- Furnished
- One bathroom for both
- On campus
- Requires meal plan (which, me being the picky eater that I am, won't use)
- Heavily monitored by staff

- Private room and bathroom
- Walk in closets
- Shared living room, kitchen, dining room, patio/balcony
- Furnished/unfurnished (depending what I want)
- Two miles away from campus
- Utilities included
- Two arrangements (4bed/4bath or 2bed/2bath)
- Cheaper if you plan ahead of time to share with 3 others
- Students only
- Slight con: no "rules," however you can call and complain and they will handle it
- Slight con: roommate could be horrible (however, I took that chance with the dorm and came out pretty good; I've already talked to my dorm roommate a little)

Each of the two blocks above link to the webpages for them, so you can take a look yourself. So, dear Bulba... what do you think I should do?

So far I've got:

Apartment - 20
Dorm for 1st year - 2
Dorm for 1st sem. - 1
Pros/Cons choice - 1

Well, the 1st semester thing isn't possible cuz leases for dorm/apt are year round. As far as pros/cons, I'm leaning toward the apartment because... well, I mean. Look at the list.

So, in short... HELP MEH! Need opinions, plz.

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Updated 21st July 2012 at 11:38 PM by AiedailEclipsed

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  1. Mako's Avatar
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    Oh god. Apartment definitely.

    Having your own bedroom trumps everything else. Trust me.
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  2. Milkapoke's Avatar
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    I've always thought an apartment would be nice.

    My sister is going into her second year of college, and getting an apartment after a living hell: Her dormmate frequently locked herself and my sister out, and also stole several things that belonged to my sister.
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  3. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
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    Thanks for the replies guys! Keep up the opinions, need more input!
  4. Synthesis's Avatar
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    Yeah, apartment seems better. Only problem seems like the distance, and even then it isn't too large
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  5. Luna Tiger's Avatar
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    @AiedailEclipsed - welcome back, dear! 8D

    Apartment, hands down. I assume transport to campus isn't an issue, otherwise this particular apartment wouldn't be in the talks. Never had a dorm, but with the arrangement of this apartment, even if your roommate(s) are horrible people, you have a private room to retreat to instead of just a corner with awkward silence to follow. The apartment also opens up a few more option on roommate numbers, thus dividing up chores that (HOPEFULLY) everyone can adhere to, because more people = more dividing + less to do (mas y menos).

    So yeah, you could get a horrible roommate in an apartment; you could also get one in a dorm. ^^; Apartment is bestest.
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  6. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
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    :D Thank you @Luna Tiger;! And thanks to @Synthesis; as well.

    I have to agree there. Mom and dad are up in arms over the fact that I'm not going to know the people(s) in the apartment... what? I didn't know who I'd be assigned for a dorm roommate! If anything you should be glad I'd be able to lock the door and kinda shut out the other people(s), cuz I certainly can't do that in a dorm. Really at this point, I'm just waiting for a call saying "yeah, we have room." Although, I don't think my parents are going to let me do it if a 2bed/2bath apartment isn't available. Personally, I think they're freaking out over the wrong things. I mean, the lady flat out told dad "If he has problems with noise or anything, he can call us and we will take care of it."

    And yeah, they offer a shuttle bus to and from campus every thirty minutes. And I have a car, so its not really an issue. Plus there is a bike trail right next to the apartment and campus xD

    Really, this is the best possible arrangement I can think of.
  7. Glitchipedia's Avatar
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    Apartment. No question.
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  8. Luna Tiger's Avatar
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    If the 4bed/4bath arrangement is the only one you can get (ideally, this is what you want, buuuuuuut personal preference and it's always a gamble, and if it makes your parents happy, I guess), the least you can argue is, "They can't ALL be bad people." And if it's one of the three, at least you have two others to rely on, when you could have landed that one as your sole roomie. *nod*

    Though in an apartment setting, you're gonna need plenty of "house rules," because some might want to bring back friends and that's where shit can go down, since the 4bed apartment looks big enough to have a small gathering in the living area. And broaching that subject may not be easy in general.
  9. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
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    Yeah, I'm of the same mindset. They just act like everyone is going to be horrible and stealing shit. Mom was like "If you have to share with three other people, they will steal your drinks and your food and you'll never be able to leave anything out!" I was just like "... I'm all for caution, but I seriously doubt that it works that way." And then she was like "Honey, people who stay in apartments have one thing in mind: partying. That's all they're going to do, like ever." I was like "MAYBE IN THE SEVENTIES OR WHENEVER YOU WERE THIS YOUNG! Where do you get these magical assumptions??? I mean, I CAN CALL THE FRONT DESK AND THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF IT! Do you really think that if I call and go 'Hey, sup? Oh nothing much... Anyway, I just needed to tell you that my roommates are stealing my food and shit left and right, so can you do anything? Oh really? Thanks.' And they aren't going to do anything? I mean, if worse comes to worse, I'll lock the nonrefrigerated stuff in my room and save to buy a mini-fridge."

    And I have absolutely no problem with people going out and partying, but when they bring the party back with them... Oh no. I'm sorry. I'm an honors student, I've got shit to do and don't need you making a shitton of noise.

    EDIT: I'll repeat it here, thank you Glitchy.
    Updated 21st July 2012 at 06:55 PM by AiedailEclipsed
  10. Luna Tiger's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by AiedailEclipsed
    And I have absolutely no problem with people going out and partying, but when they bring the party back with them... Oh no. I'm sorry. I'm an honors student, I've got shit to do and don't need you making a shitton of noise.
    You so manry. <3

    While it's true that a lack of "true rules" leads to lowered standards and "I do what I want attitudes," more than likely you aren't going to be thrilled in wasting your education every night if its costing someone a pretty penny to get you said education. But people will make friends at school, and those friends might be a little rowdy, but yeah, if the apartment does actively help with issues others haven't agreed to, better that than a roomie sneaking a friend into the dorm when they probably aren't allowed to. Lord knows who gets in trouble then.

    Not to mention it's not impossible for roommates to /pre-plan/ parties. The best way to make sure impromptu parties don't begin is having one or two of your own, or warned for in advance if not a group thing but general agreement that it's okay. Not everyone is unreasonable, and not all college life is how it is in the movies. Parties can be /okay/ in moderation, but again, college and lowered standards. Issues with both are going to happen regardless, but at least with four roomies, you likely have backup for anything that /does/ get out of hand.
  11. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
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    Yeah. But mom and dad are completely against me being in the 4bed/4bath, so unfortunately, we won't be doing the apartment if that's all that's left.
  12. Luna Tiger's Avatar
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    Well I hope a 2bed is available then. =\
  13. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
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    Same. I'm tempted to do it either way, and just tell them that its my decision. But I really hope it doesn't come to that. I've been talking to them for the past few days and I applied today and was hoping to hear back but haven't. I'm going to call tomorrow and just plain out ask what is available. At this point, I don't care about the roommates. I just prefer the apartment.


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