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Buying some new games...

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So, I'm going on Gamestop and buying some games I've wanted, right? Well, I'm getting the usual... Preordering Skyward Sword, ordering the remade Halo: Combat Evolved. And then, I look at the Bulbagarden tab on my browser. I do a kind of like double take, and I'm like "There's an entire new generation of Pokemon out."

I'm tempted to get them, but I sold my DSi a while back. I'll buy White/Black whenever I get around to buying the 3DS (although, it may be a while, since I'm tempted to wait and see if they get an even cheaper 3DSi or something. Given Nintendo's track record of releasing a new version almost immediately after the first and my usual trend of buying the first one out, I'm gonna play it safe.


Tl;dr - Ultimate blonde moment, I almost literally forget about the site franchise I work for.

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  1. Sovereign's Avatar
    I recommend Skyrim, if you're into those sort of fantasy games. Best game of the year, by far, in my eyes.
  2. tyler212's Avatar
    I would suggest Battlefield 3, but I would also have to agree with Sovereign on getting Skyrim it looks great
  3. Derier44's Avatar
    Skyrim is amazing, Game of the Year material.
  4. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
    o_o Never played the series. Although, I hadn't played Assassin's Creed and got the first game, and love it but never finished it (speaking of which, I know what I'm doing tomorrow...). Maybe I'll put the first Elder Scrolls game on my Christmas list. Lord knows its incredibly sparse, atm.


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