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What I'm Reading... Journey Out of Mt. Coronet!

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by , 27th January 2011 at 09:36 AM (310 Views)
I'm sure you all know that all I basically do on this forum is frequent the Writer's Workshop, which features a huge amount of talent from the users of this forum in fanfiction form.

Well, I've decided to do something a bit similar to Legacy's Fic of the Month, which is Legacy doing an interview with the author of an established or up and coming fic in the Workshop once a month. My project is going to be similar, as I've said, but not the same. I haven't yet decided the frequency with which I will post these but I'm basically going to be posting a summary and review of whatever the main story I'm currently reading in the Workshop is.

Right, here's the first one:

Journey Out of Mt. Coronet by Kyuuketsuki

This is the story of a trainer named Noah who, as the title suggests, is trying to make his way out of Mt. Coronet after having found himself lost in there. The main supporting character is his first Pokemon, Prinplup. Noah has somehow forgotten how he got into Mt. Coronet in the first place as well as the events immediately preceding entering at all.

As the story progresses, the reader discovers more about Noah. He is a ruthless trainer with no care for his Pokemon. He reminds me somewhat of Silver, the rival from the Generation II games, who is repeatedly reprimanded for not caring about his Pokemon. Noah sees his Pokemon as nothing more than tools and runs a "two strikes and you're out system" when it comes to keeping Pokemon on his team - if any of his Pokemon faint two battles in a row, then they are forever removed from the team and banished to forever decay in the PC. We are told that even his devoted starter, Prinplup, is not exempt from this terrifying rule.

Noah's character is contrasted with Prinplup. In spite of the fact that Prinplup remains, as a Pokemon, completely unable to speak, Kyuuketsuki still manages to illustrate volumes about his character. It's an abusive relationship, that much is obvious. In many ways, it's a reflection of humanity, an exploration of why people choose to stay in abusive relationships. The answer is obvious, it's because they care too much about the person who is causing them so much pain, be it physical or emotional, and Prinplup is no different. Although he seems to have the opportunity, Prinplup refuses to leave Noah and stands by him through everything.

I have to admit though, through all of this, I do find myself tempted to play Black Version as a "Noah run through" when I get it, dumping any Pokemon unfortunate enough to get knocked out in two consecutive battles.

This story has already been finished, so waiting for a new chapter or worrying about writer's block isn't really an issue. It's only 12 chapters long so don't worry about being swamped by reading either. Kyuuketsuki has also started work on a prequel to Journey Out of Mt. Coronet called A Conflict in the Old Chateau.

Let me know what you think of this post. I'll post something like this again soon as I already know what the next story I'm going to review is. Now, I need to get going and read the final three chapters of Journey Out of Mt. Coronet!

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  1. Kyuuketsuki's Avatar
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    I'm honoured that you would choose one of my stories for the first of this series. Thank you for this so much! And playing through Pokémon Black as Noah would, that's very risky. What if your strongest Pokémon loses two battles in a row? XD

    And you shouldn't view Noah as Silver. They might be similar, but Noah is like that because he doesn't want to form friendships, which relates to his past... I guess they are very similar...

    Anyway, thank you for doing this!
  2. Lugion's Avatar
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    I need to catch up on that once I get back on regular Internet access.


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