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Awards, Contests and General Excitement

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by , 2nd September 2012 at 05:48 PM (224 Views)
It's an exciting time in the Creative Corner at the moment.

The Writer's Workshop are having our third and final set of Awards for 2012: Writer's Workshop Autumn Awards 2012 Nominations Thread

All stories posted in the Writer's Workshop are eligible, as long as they are posted before the deadline for nominations, which is the 15th September! The prizes are the right to use cool Badges designed by the Staff Artist, Blazaking, as well as a personalised banner. Your name will also be recorded in the Hall of Fame. The biggest prize of all, though, will be the pride and recognition that comes with winning something like this.

It's also important that people get nominating for this, so if you have a story or user that you like in the WW, make sure you have a look and give them the recognition they deserve!

Our close neighbours, the Artist's Alcove are having their first official Art Competition: The Artist's Alcove's First Official Art Contest!

For this, you have to make a piece of art specifically for the competition for the theme "black and white". It's pretty liberal and you can submit basically anything, but do have a look at the thread itself before you start work. First prize is being able to collude with the staff on the next skin for the Forums (exciting stuff!) and 2nd and 3rd get personalised banners also made by the Staff Artist. Now I know many of the regulars of this section can make these banners themselves, but with these ones comes something special - official sanction and recognition. This is something you can forever refer to and link to in all of your artistic endeavours in Bulbagarden and beyond. The deadline for this one is 10th September (just over a week), so make sure you don't miss out!

Don't let these ones slip by you guys! You'll regret it!

Gama out.
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