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Pop-Pop in the Attic: in 3D

Jacob's bullying story thing.

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Since I'm a human, I attended high school like the rest of you have/are/will.

Since teenagers are illogical, defensive, confused bags of meat they say things they don't mean. Or if they do mean them, they will eventually mature out of that mindset.

One time this dude called me a faggot.

So I called him a faggot back.

We bumped fists and now we are bros.

True story.

Now for a true story not involving me:

One time this scrawny gloom-and-doom kid called the Varsity Quarterback a "Mindless meathead jock.", or something of that nature, despite the fact that this Varsity Quarterback had:

A) Never met this kid.


B) Had a 4.0 GPA

So the Varsity Quarterback called him a "pussy" and an "asshole" in return.

Guess who cried foul and got the Varsity Quarterback into the counselor's office?

That is my biggest problem with the new anti-bullying campaign; it claims to fight unfair stereotypes while upholding rigid stereotypes about what a bully is. You in sports? Shut your mouth you dumb jock. You a "different" kid? PREEMPTIVE STRIKE AWAY! YOU NATURALLY HAVE THE MORAL HIGH GROUND BECAUSE YOU DON'T PLAY SPORTS! SPORTS ARE EVIL, HATING SPORTS IS THE WAY TO GO! EVERYONE WHO PLAYS SPORTS FITS A RIGID STEREOTYPE BUT YOU DON'T! YOU'RE DIFFERENT AND SPECIAL AND THEY ARE NOT!

I spent high-school in that strange middle area of good at sports (though I didn't play high school sports, I had too much trouble getting through math), but also nerdy as fuck. While I may have had a distaste for the lol-you're-no-good-at-athletics-you-suck attitude from some of the athletes, I was even more pissed while watching others hold the false pretense that not playing sports got you the moral high ground. It's bullshit.

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  1. The Outrage's Avatar
    It was early in high school that I realized that it may be my actions which caused people to react in a 'bullying' manner. While some of them were clearly assholes, others may have had legitimate reasons to do so.

    In the end, the biggest thing that gave me conflict was an internal one. My bully in high school was probably myself not feeling like I deserved to have friends because I acted like I was above others. Now whenever someone acts in such a negative way against me, I have always tried to evaluate why rather than going with an initial gut reaction, and for the most part, I found the reason.

    There were however quite a few assholes who just pick on you because you are different. In fact, that gloom-and-doom kid you mentioned was basically the type this kid was for me. Some goth douche who found himself on the moral high ground above everyone else, yet felt the need to bully the true social outcasts of high school.


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