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Jacob identifies as an anti-feminist. Here is why.

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Okay, okay... I only use the "anti-feminist" label to piss off the branch of feminists that piss be off, so to be more specific, I'm anti-the brand of feminism that isn't so much "women should be able to do what they want" as it is "women better be exactly how we want them to be and every woman depicted in media better be a positive character, and we will patrol all of media to make sure everything real and fictional fits our criteria of what a woman should be".

There. Specificity.

You know, the "Christopher Nolan is a sexist." types. Don't try to tell them that the Mal you see in the majority of Inception isn't Mal but is, in fact, part of Cobb (a male character). And don't try to tell them Cobb's farewell to his idealized version of Mal (and the majority of the Cobb/Mal plot) is, in fact, a bit of commentary on how destructive and wrong idealizing your love is. They'll find a way to make it sexist.

It is the practice of taking anything and everything popular and oversimplifying every character, shot, and line of dialogue until it just barely fits the "that's sexist" mold. They fail to realize fictional characters rely on stereotypes and archetypes of all kinds from all sources to exist. All they see is sexism that isn't there and a chance to give their bullshit cause more exposure.

You want to make a television show about women being powerful women with their women friends? Go for it. That's empowering, important shit.

However, if you want to make a show about bros being bros with their bros, stop right there you horrible sexist:

Don't you know you aren't allowed to gear a show toward men anymore? Don't you know perpetually angry internet feminists are every show's target audience now? Come on, man, making sure they aren't all snooty about your show is way more important than making sure your original target audience digs it. Duh.

Hell, I've been called a sexist by people from this warped (and seemingly wildly popular online) brand of "feminism" for digging on 30 Rock. Yup, 30 Rock. Of course it was after the episode, TGS Hates Women, in which the show poked fun at the brand of feminism I'm currently ranting about, so I suppose she was a bit (more) angry (than usual).

This is why it sucks that the loudest of ideological groups are always the most batshit insane. They are almost always also the smallest in number. Silent majorities suck ass.

tl;dr - There is a difference between true feminism (which at this point might as well be called "humanism" or something along those lines), and exhaustively pointing out cliches and archetypes in entertainment and pretending it is proof of the big (white) misogynistic man keeping you down.


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Updated 24th April 2011 at 10:37 AM by Nelly

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  1. DCM's Avatar
    Completely agree with you here. I can not stand it when people project things such as sexism and racism into things when they're clearly not there. Can you interpret it with those things in? Yup. Was that the intent of the director or anyone else working on the project? No.
  2. Pandantic's Avatar
    I agree with the first paragraph, u kinda lost me with the rest. DCM I heard people were annoyed because they thought Black and White were racist, that made me angry.
  3. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    That person in that image seems to have a very poor understanding of what the Bechdel Test is about.


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