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Entertainment; top-tens, previews, commentaries, and the like

  1. So I just saw the first 6 minutes of The Dark Knight Rises

    by , 14th December 2011 at 01:17 AM (Pop-Pop in the Attic: in 3D)

    Just got back from seeing the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises in Indy, and I’ll essentially be echoing most people’s sentiments.

    After all the hype the prologue was given by the press who saw it earlier, I honestly thought maybe I was getting too hyped. Yet, the prologue exceeded my already exceedingly high expectations.

    First things first; other than the first ...
  2. Why debate over whether or not R/S will be remade is inherently silly.

    by , 14th October 2011 at 12:07 PM (Pop-Pop in the Attic: in 3D)
    It's a very simple equation, really.

    Nintendo produces video games. If those video games make money, Nintendo produces more of those video games. Pokemon makes a shit-ton of money. Nintendo likes this. Nintendo likes this a lot.

    So as long as Pokemon makes money, the older games will be remade once they can be called "older games". Mark my words, if Pokemon is still making a ton of money a decade or so from now we'll be hearing about Pokemon ArrestedBecauseHeWasBlack ...
  3. 30 Days of Video Games, Days 6-8; Most annoying, best couple, and best tunes.

    by , 10th September 2011 at 07:25 PM (Pop-Pop in the Attic: in 3D)
    I will finish this challenge. That doesn't mean I'll get to it every day, apparently. After missing the last two days, here are days 6, 7 and today's topics.

    First up, we've got my choice for the most annoying character in video game history. This will be a tough one, as it is one crowded fucking field. There are probably just as many characters that grate on my nerves in video games as there are personal favorites. So here are five (which were hard enough to narrow down themselves), ...
  4. 30 Days of Video Games, Days 4 and 5 - A Guilty Pleasure and a Character Who's Me

    by , 7th September 2011 at 05:19 PM (Pop-Pop in the Attic: in 3D)
    Didn't get around to to this yesterday, so I'll be covering yesterday's topic as well as today's.

    First, we have my "guilty pleasure". When people ask me which band or movie is my #1 "guilty pleasure" I have no answer, as there aren't any bands or flicks I'm even slightly ashamed of digging. Video games, fortunately for this list, isn't a medium of which I have no guilty pleasures. There is only one game I can think of I'd rather not enjoy but still do, and here ...
  5. 30 Days of Video Games, Day 3 - An Underrated Game

    by , 5th September 2011 at 05:34 PM (Pop-Pop in the Attic: in 3D)
    "A game that is underrated." is a very broad topic for multiple reasons. As such, I am bending it to fit my own idea of what an underrated game is.

    My choice isn't the game I feel is most underrated (though that game appears in my runners-up list), but a game I feel is underrated more by the gaming community/fandom than by critics, and the impact and influence of which isn't acknowledged as often as it should be.


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