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  1. As cool as it is that Obama won (or more specifically that Romney lost)

    It's infinitely cooler that Puerto Rico is totally down with becoming a state.

    Doesn't mean it's gonna happen, of course, but the simple fact they're up for it is pretty fuckin' tits, yo.
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  2. The "B" is too close to the "S" on the keyboards at The Blaze.

    So I was browsing The Blaze (I browse “news” sites from all sides, to get a feel for different segments of the population’s opinion on current events. In the case of The Blaze and its users, it's completely batshit. I’ll post a compilation of their batshit responses to stories later.), and I noticed something peculiar on the fromt page (following image is pretty huge):

    Apparently President Obama had being in a firefight ...

    Updated 2nd May 2011 at 04:08 PM by Nelly

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