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  1. As cool as it is that Obama won (or more specifically that Romney lost)

    It's infinitely cooler that Puerto Rico is totally down with becoming a state.

    Doesn't mean it's gonna happen, of course, but the simple fact they're up for it is pretty fuckin' tits, yo.
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  2. Who else but Eric Bolling?

    "America was certainly safe between 2000 and 2008, I don’t remember any attacks on American soil during that period of time.

    -FOX News host Eric Bolling on the Bush Administration on The Five. None of the other four corrected him on this.

    Stuff like this from FOX News doesn’t even piss me off anymore. It’s gotten to the point where it happens so often it’s almost cute. They’re like those bumbling doofuses from old silent movies.
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  3. The "B" is too close to the "S" on the keyboards at The Blaze.

    So I was browsing The Blaze (I browse “news” sites from all sides, to get a feel for different segments of the population’s opinion on current events. In the case of The Blaze and its users, it's completely batshit. I’ll post a compilation of their batshit responses to stories later.), and I noticed something peculiar on the fromt page (following image is pretty huge):

    Apparently President Obama had being in a firefight ...

    Updated 2nd May 2011 at 04:08 PM by Nelly

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