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The Atlanta Falcons are not "The best team no one is talking about."

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by , 29th December 2010 at 08:09 PM (311 Views)
Especially since, you know, once the media starts collectively referring to them as "The best team no one is talking about.", that means everyone is now talking about them.

I may be biased as a fan, but I watch a lot of national football commentary/analysis shows, and I'll tell you who the best team no one is talking about is; the Kansas City Chiefs.

I mean, you wouldn't know they have the #1 rushing attack, a wide receiver with the most TDs in the league, and a Top-5 QB in the AFC who is a dark-horse MVP candidate if you gathered your opinions from NFL Network or ESPN.

I mean, for the last 5 weeks any passive mention of the 2010 Chiefs consisted of; "Yeah, the Chiefs are a surprising team, but don't worry, they will fall apart and the Chargers will take the AFC West."

Only after Kansas City won the AFC West have analysts been saying "You know, maybe those Chiefs aren't half-bad."

Sure, they have a weak schedule, but every great team has to beat teams they are supposed to, and every great team must win at home.

And the Chiefs damn sure win at home.

The Chiefs are a year ahead of schedule, which is beyond promising. Anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention to the Chiefs knows they have been building their team from the Patriots' blueprint. They are poised to be good enough to form a dynasty in the next few years, and this season was a great first step. Any extra winning is just gravy.

But I am attracted to the prospect of the Chiefs being the Patriots, Part 2. I'm looking forward to when I hear "Chiefs suck" as the last argument of the jealous non-Chief fan instead of an accurate description. They certainly haven't sucked this year, anyway.


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  1. Mako's Avatar
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    If Atlanta hadn't put up a terrible game against New Orleans, I would have argued this point.

    That being said, while the Chiefs are a worthy playoff team (and they deserve their division title), they are still a year away from being a Super Bowl contender. They don't have the defense to beat New England, Baltimore or Pittsburgh. They do however have a young core of players who will keep them in the hunt for the next few years.
  2. Nelly's Avatar
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    You see, I'm one of those guys who says "As long as you are in the playoffs, you are a Super Bowl contender."

    Anyone can go on a 4-game win streak. Anyone can have one bad game. While I have always claimed to be a bigger baseball fan, I do much prefer the NFL playoff one-and-done format. You obviously can't do that in baseball, but the NFL playoffs aren't rivaled in terms of tensity.
  3. Mako's Avatar
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    Well I'm not saying that it would be impossible for the Chiefs to beat the Ravens / Jets at home, then beat Pittsburgh and New England on the road. I'm just saying that there is a noticeable gap between the two teams with byes and Baltimore and KC.

    But your blog did bring up a good point. KC is a very good team. And no one seems to notice.
  4. Nelly's Avatar
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    I'm in no way predicting a Super Bowl (though I would say a couple appearances and maybe wins are in their future), but they just aren't getting enough respect.

    I remember when they beat the Bills in OT. Analysts said their inability to demolish the Bills showed their weakness. But just a week earlier the Bills put 30+ points on the board against the Ravens in an OT loss, a team that is always lauded.
  5. Mako's Avatar
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    I do agree with you on that. They aren't getting enough respect. Because I know if the Chiefs lost to Cleveland (like a certain Super Bowl favorite did), the analysts would be all over them.


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