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  1. It's back guys


    Football's back.

    Def more important than MegaEvolutions y'all should stop bickering and watch football.








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  2. I know I'm late to the party here...

    by , 12th November 2012 at 08:57 PM (Pop-Pop in the Attic: in 3D)
    ...but I've been really surprised with how much I'm loving White 2.

    The last time I was this impressed with a 3rd version (let's be honest, this is still basically a 3rd version) was Crystal.

    It's paced well, and I haven't felt like my team has been under or over-leveled at any point.

    The first two gyms were some of the toughest times I've ever had with gym leaders in the series. Anyone else feel that way, or am I just rusty?

    Not that it ...
  3. As cool as it is that Obama won (or more specifically that Romney lost)

    It's infinitely cooler that Puerto Rico is totally down with becoming a state.

    Doesn't mean it's gonna happen, of course, but the simple fact they're up for it is pretty fuckin' tits, yo.
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  4. Hey, look.

    So, like, what's goin' on everybody?
  5. So I just saw the first 6 minutes of The Dark Knight Rises

    by , 14th December 2011 at 01:17 AM (Pop-Pop in the Attic: in 3D)

    Just got back from seeing the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises in Indy, and I’ll essentially be echoing most people’s sentiments.

    After all the hype the prologue was given by the press who saw it earlier, I honestly thought maybe I was getting too hyped. Yet, the prologue exceeded my already exceedingly high expectations.

    First things first; other than the first ...
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