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Blog underway

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I figured that, since I've been on this frum for more than a year now, it was about time I gave this a try.

So, in short, here's the whole year, in short.

Lack of activity for around six months

Set up Project Jade (weekly fanfic) and Mystery Dungeon- American Exploration (Fanfic on hiatus)

Set up Chu'd (stagnant fanfic)

Made an attempt at being active on forums

Set up RPG- Bio Wars

Set up video forum.

Overall, my infractions were over small stuff. I had double-posting twice, due to the three-hour rule. Then, I had thread necromancy (Why?), due to commenting on old forums and slow mods (come on! I posted three hours ago, and I just got mobbed! A good mod would have noticed, and stopped me from doing it again! And who hangs around forums that they know are dead, anyway?)

So, overall, an okay year, and here's to the next!

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