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Nintendos home console struggle!

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Well, surely you heard about the numbers of Nintendos Wii U sales and they are not good. Knowing this causes me to worry. I still like Nintendo but they aren’t as good as they used to be. Ever since the N64 the sales of each generation dropped quite a bit. When the Wii came they had a big profit despite the many chunk games that came out throughout the time (probably too many games for Nintendos quality control to handle).

Nintendo claims they learned from past mistakes yet they repeat it. Start line up is insufficient and Third-party support is scarce for example. They may make most money with their own games but gaming changes and their line-up stagnates some. They still may be good but they used to be better. Sometimes it evens feels they just throw out games that could have been much better, especially if it comes to Mario games. Mario might be the mascot but his red is bleaching out if you ask me. For example we haven’t seen F-Zero for a while and they still forget about the potential of Luigi. Make some games with them.

With Luigi they could go a different route or take a different approach of game kinds. As examples, why not make Luigi go on a treasure hunt for Daisy or defend Sarasaland from an alien invasion. Tatanga could become the other reoccurring villain for Luigi games (and King Boo is main boss in ghost hunts, someone must bring in the cash).
It shouldn’t be saving Daisy, saving a princess that is unable to raise an army to defend against the regularly coming Koopa invasions, is Marios thing but finding special items or flowers for her, the way her Kingdom was set up from the beginning offers potential in that (old Egypt, deep sea, ancient China and mysterious islands) or throw out an returning alien race that simply wants to destroy her kingdom to build their own base on the ruins. Heck, Nintendo could even use Tatanga and his aliens to symbolic picture things like environmental pollution or corruption in the games. Luigi could use other technical gadgets from E. Gadd on his adventures too...

We have Zelda that is about myths, exploration, solving puzzles and riddles and finding inner strength by struggling through dungeons. Mario games are like “reach the last stage on a set path fast and try to survive with skill and sometimes reaction". Paper Mario or Mario and Luigi games have an interesting RPG style on them (used to be better though). So Luigi could go into a bit of other direction in more games with him being the main man as well, just some thoughts. At least they have a Yoshi’s New Island game now which is also a nice, cute and cuddly franchise besides Kirby.

Gaming changes and graphics become more important (the other thing is violence but Nintendo should stay away from that, could promote love and peace more as the opposite wall though). Weak, gimmicky consoles won’t cut it if the gimmicks aren’t utilized well, at least by Nintendo itself. If that causes sales other developer are more willing to port to Nintendo, eventually even try to utilize the gimmick more often and better. I mean, there was a time where Nintendo was well known to be a successful gaming revolutionist that everyone copies but this seems in the past now. Just an example, things like Oculus Rift is something I had expected to be made by Nintendo not someone else. At least the handheld market seems to be still in control of Nintendo though smart-phones and tablets hunt for the top but that is for the future. Maybe in 3 or 4 generations of Consoles, if Nintendo survives it that long (even if they have a few billion on the bank, if the loss keeps growing it will eat up that capital) they land another hit like the Wii (hopefully with less crap game avalanches).

See you around.

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  1. Groudon's Avatar
    While having another unique Mario spin off starring Luigi sounds like a decent idea, the problem is the consumers have grown weary of the Mario franchise especially since the newer games are nothing more than rehashes. Perhaps Nintendo should give Mario a hiatus and work on their other franchises. For example, cut Mario Kart and make a new F-Zero game like you wanted. However, Nintendo could care less about what current Nintendo fans want as they are now venturing into the health industry with the QOL console. It may be a great way to expand their markets but it is extremely gimmicky. My premonition is that it will be poorly received and ultimately be a waste of resources.
  2. Gaga's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Abomasnow
    Mario franchise especially since the newer games are nothing more than rehashes.
    I think you have confused New Super Mario Bros with the entire Mario franchise.
  3. Jolene's Avatar
    I actually want the Wii U to fail. It was just arrogance on Nintendo's part to put out an underpowered console and expect it to print money like the Wii. It's an interesting concept but the other current gen consoles blow it out of the water spec wise.
  4. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar

    This image pretty much sums up the attitude of Nintendo fans and sometimes Nintendo themselves.
  5. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    Nintendo has only needed two things to survive in the console market, innovative hardware and innovative software. The problem with the Wii U is that we're not really seeing much of either. The Gamepad is neat, yes, but it doesn't do much that the Wii and DS/3DS can't, so there's not much of a draw in the console itself. Combine that with the low power and lack of third party support and you have a console that no one wants. As for the other half of the equation, Nintendo has gotten way too safe with its game announcements for the Wii U, all of their biggest franchises for this game have seen nothing more than nostalgia fueled rehashes that barely do anything different altogether, let alone to show the value of the Gamepad. Gamers look at this game lineup and say "Oh look, another generic Mario game" and they pass up on it because it doesn't justify buying a last gen feeling game console like they got away with on the Wii. So when you put both of these issues together, it's easy to see why the Wii U isn't selling, there's nothing about it that stands out about it that makes it a competitive buy.

    So how can they turn things around? Well it's too late to do anything to improve the hardware, that ship sailed as soon as it was released. So they need to make better games. Instead of "generic Mario game" or "generic Donkey Kong game", they need to come up with some quirky, innovative ideas (preferably ones that use the Gamepad) like they have on other consoles. To give recent examples, something like Link's ability to transform into a drawing in A Link Between Worlds or the ability to enter Luigi's dream in Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. Something that you wouldn't have seen coming a mile away that actually creates a new experience even for an existing franchise. When we start to see more of those types of games, I think the Wii U's sales will turn around.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaga
    I think you have confused New Super Mario Bros with the entire Mario franchise.
    No, the entire franchise has gotten stale. Between NSMB, 3D Land, and 3D World, the entire franchise has become stagnant and rehashy to the point where it's just blurred into one big game.
  6. The Power of Pika's Avatar
    Good suggestions. Pity alot of gamers aren't like you.=/

    I personally think Nintendo creating a new cartoony light hearted game with a new character maybe in order to get some fresh things on the table.

    I hope the wiiU can last to the end of a gen so I can get more games for it. If not I do have enough games to satisfy me. I have more than my N64 which is pretty good. If it fails then I can finally exit this generation and start talking to the collectors and ones trying to play all the wiiU games. In other words game discussions.
    There's too much spec, sales and company talk for my liking these days that I kind of regret trying to keep up with this gen at all.=/
    Updated 17th March 2014 at 01:03 AM by The Power of Pika
  7. Snugglefox's Avatar
    A lot of people got bored with SM3DW at some point. It's just a NSMB game with up and down movement.

    As for Wii U sales it seems to be a case of people waiting for specific games to come out.

    Specs aren't all that important, my PS3 is about 1/4 as powerful as my PC yet it far out performs my PC on 7th gen games because PC versions are designed with "master race" PCs in mind, nevermind optimizing a game so that people with reasonably priced PCs can play. We've come so far with hardware that we're at a point now where performance is mostly to do with how well software is programmed than what it runs on.

    Edit: while most people are just waiting for specific games, it also wouldn't hurt if Nintendo stopped outsourcing Miiverse administration to a company that needs Google Translate to speak English, and instead hired employees of their own to moderate Miiverse, they could purchase some software like that used in FFXIV to translate posts for their staff. The benefit of this is less moderation mishaps, and customer service would be able to tell people why they got banned (at the moment they have to email the outsourced company who doesn't respond). Overall, Miiverse would revert to it's status as a selling point as people would have faith in it.
    Updated 20th March 2014 at 02:57 AM by Snugglefox


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