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Please stop whatever music you're listening for a bit...

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...and consider listening to Rewrite's soundtrack instead. Seriously. It has quite a bit of variation: happy and silly tunes, aggressive tracks, and very sad yet hopeful ones. And it pulls all of those styles off very well. Now, I'm no reviewer, but here's my own top 10 with short comments:

10. Disc 1, Track 11 - Carnation (カーネーション, Carnation)
How could I have a top list without Shizuru's theme on it? Out of the five main heroine image songs, this and Kotori's theme (Anemone flaccida) are the most relaxing ones, and it really fits Shizuru to a T.

9. Disc 2, Track 5 - Sorrowless
Despite its name, it's a really sad one at least in my opinion, yet it does have a scent of yearning, and hope as well.

8. Disc 1, Track 3 - Sprouting (芽吹き, Mebuki)
An easygoing and relaxing track. You won't hear it too much in the latter parts of the game, so it has a sort of a "good old days" feel as well.

7. Disc 1, Track 21 - Eruptible
Very energizing; I particularly like the part at 0:55-1:10 a lot.

6. Disc 1, Track 13 - Bellis perennis (ヒナギク, Hinagiku)
Other than the main menu BGM, Journey, this is the very first song you'll hear in the game. After that, it'll be a long time until it is played again, but at that point it can easily be identified as a certain heroine's image song. For me, it carries a sense of great mystery.

5. Disc 2, Track 19 - Toxoplasma
One of the more aggressive songs used in some of the serious parts of the game; I believe this is mostly used when you're fighting against monsters. It isn't too hard to imagine the threatening atmosphere.

4. Disc 1, Track 22 - Beyond the Darkness (闇の彼方へ, Yami no Kanata e)
The first ending song, performed by Mizutani Runa (NanosizeMir). Nothing beats that feeling when you have finished reading through a route after doing all the correct decisions, and then the credits start to roll on the screen. Now, this isn't as much as a hit to me as CLANNAD's Kage Futatsu / Two Shadows, but nevertheless this is a song that always reminds you of your great success.

3. Disc 2, Track 1 - Rewrite
Second opening to the game, performed by Psychic Lover. You'll need to play all five character paths before being presented with this OP on a new route that opens; I really think it's a suitable reward as in my opinion this is a really great song overall even without the animation.

2. Disc 2, Track 7 - Scattered Blossoms (散花, Chiru Hana)
Now, I'm not entirely sure if this track was exclusive to Chihaya's route, but I have such a feeling. Anyway, it's another of those sad and yearning songs which tend to evoke, as people online say, the feels.

And for the grand winner...
1. Disc 2, Track 14 - Scene shifts there

Comments on the video page suggest this was somewhat exclusive to Lucia's route, which is a claim I cannot confirm at the moment. Anyway, it's a very brilliant piece of music that begins gently and feels sorrowful at first, but gains momentum around the middle part and transforms beautifully to a triumphant tune of epic proportions.

This playlist has 49 of the 63 total tracks from the OST; not quite sure which ones are missing, but the game length version duplicates for several songs aren't included for sure.

Certain people know I've been gushing about this visual novel for about a month already but I don't seem to get enough :p

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Updated 22nd June 2013 at 07:05 AM by Soulweaver

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  1. Phoenixon's Avatar
    Sounds pretty good.
    This is quite late, but what exactly is Rewrite? Is it an anime or a game?
  2. Soulweaver's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixon
    Sounds pretty good.
    This is quite late, but what exactly is Rewrite? Is it an anime or a game?
    Rewrite is a visual novel; it wouldn't be too off to call VNs a crossbreed between a game and a choose-your-own-adventure book. Basically all you do is read the story which is accompanied by backgrounds, character sprites/voices and music, and occasionally you are presented with a choice that can send you on another route. (Like in most other VNs, each of the routes represents one of the heroines, so you'll need to choose one of them to pursue on each playthrough. For example, here you'll of course want to accompany Kotori if you're aiming for her route.) A word of warning is in place here, though: even though Rewrite and some versions of Key's older novels are family friendly, a major part of VNs out there are rated 18+.

    I can't find any proper line counts for the most famous books to put it properly in perspective, but the entirety of Rewrite is around 100,000 lines of text. I could find that the Holy Bible is about 790,000 words while Lord of the Rings is about 525,000, though. It took me about two weeks of active reading to go through all routes of Rewrite. Now, it hasn't been officially released in English and probably never will, but there is a complete high quality English patch available on the Internet (which I naturally read instead of the original Japanese version), as well as prepatched illegal copies.

    As for an anime, no one has adapted it yet, but the company has stated that doing so would be OK, so I'd expect an anime to be released some time in the future.

    Here's a Let's Play segment (51 minutes) I picked randomly not so randomly (because it has that #1 song in it :D) from a somewhat early point on Lucia's route if you want to get a quick impression of how it works; feel free to watch some, all or skip altogether :p In theory one could just skip obtaining the VN altogether and just read it through LPs, but that method doesn't let one choose their own pace (for example, in that video they often continue to next line even though character voice isn't finished yet, and that might not be everyone's cup of tea).
    Updated 24th June 2013 at 06:38 PM by Soulweaver


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