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Looking back at old avatars, part I

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Just a little post to display all the avatars I've used in the past (and still have lying around). Many of the earliest avatars have been lost in the bit space because either they were created on a very old computer or on the first laptop whose hard drive broke up.

The first part contains the avatars from the era I was known as UltimateSephiroth.

An avatar I hacked up in commemoration of purchasing World of Goo. E-mail logs indicate this happened in October 2009.

An avatar in commemoration of the machine dance game In the Groove, which I played a lot a few years back.

A Giratina-themed one, another at the simple rings series, dated back at the time I bought Platinum, somewhere in mid-2009.

A wintery rings series avatar for, eh, winter. Yay?

A rings series one for the Winter Olympics.

In anticipation of the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver...

...which resulted in the Rocket Takedown :D

I'm not sure what this avatar was for or if I even used it before. Also, it's a bit hilarious in hindsight: it looks like the trainer is trying to jump through the tiny red ring, as his left arm and leg are through.

This was for the first "boob week" ever. It's a bit more symbolic than the avatars the other users used :p

This bubbly avatar was the first in the gradient shapes series. Still quite simplistic.

This one was made to, eh, commemorate the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo in 2010.

Another shape mishmash, probably just to get something fresh after the ESC.

Yet again commemorating events, this time the European Championships in Barcelona.

Probably the most recent avatars for that old nick. Can't remember which one came first nor where I used them.

There'll be an another post about the avatars after the nick change later. (Actually, if not for the image limit, they would've been here too.) And if I happen to find missing older avatars, I'll add them here. :p

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  1. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Boob Week?
  2. Soulweaver's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Soulmaster
    Boob Week?
    Yeah, it was a kind of silly bandwagon event during which many users displayed cleavage as their avatars. :F
  3. Baron Brixius's Avatar
    Nice avies, I'm jel. And boob week's still going on for Bikini Miltank.


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