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  1. Please stop whatever music you're listening for a bit...

    ...and consider listening to Rewrite's soundtrack instead. Seriously. It has quite a bit of variation: happy and silly tunes, aggressive tracks, and very sad yet hopeful ones. And it pulls all of those styles off very well. Now, I'm no reviewer, but here's my own top 10 with short comments:

    10. Disc 1, Track 11 - Carnation (カーネーション, Carnation)
    How could I have a top list without Shizuru's theme on it? Out of the five main heroine image songs, this and Kotori's theme (Anemone flaccida) ...

    Updated 22nd June 2013 at 07:05 AM by Soulweaver

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  2. Answer or something like that.

    Thanks for the massive amount of questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aquanova
    What is your favorite color?
    Either orange or green, can't decide between the two.

    That's all of them. Looks like I should do this Q/A more often!
  3. Questions or something like that.

    Looks like it's trending again so why the heck not. Hit me with them questions, I'll answer it all after a day or two has passed.
  4. A winner is me

    Sort of. Finally, after having the game for almost one and a half years, I finished the Pokédex in my Black Version. (Except Genesect for obvious reasons.)

    It had been in a bad limbo with about 500 caught Pokémon for quite a while when I picked it back up a few weeks prior. Most of the work was just continuous grinding in the sports domes at Nimbasa City, of course, but it also involved transferring quite a large batch of legendaries from older generations. As I don't have two DS ...

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  5. Looking back at old avatars, part I

    Just a little post to display all the avatars I've used in the past (and still have lying around). Many of the earliest avatars have been lost in the bit space because either they were created on a very old computer or on the first laptop whose hard drive broke up.

    The first part contains the avatars from the era I was known as UltimateSephiroth.

    An avatar I hacked up in commemoration of ...
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