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First blog post in quite a while...

Happy new year everyone!

I just thought I should make a post because it has been so long. I'm still pretty inactive on Bulbapedia, mainly doing grammar/spelling edits every once in a while. I'm usually on Wikipedia.

Some game news:
  • I have surpassed 300 Pokémon in my HeartGold Pokédex.
  • My DS works intermittently at best. I am debating whether to buy the 3DS, but USD 250 for a handheld?
  • I just got the Ash's Pikachu event at Toys "R" Us (I live in California, USA). I missed the GameStop Crown Beasts events :( but hopefully I can get those on Wi-Fi (yay for no IP discrimination!)

I'm also not sure if I'm going to buy Black/White. My brother has initially said that he will not buy it, which made me not want to buy it (I can't complete my Pokédex easily or do trades easily). However, I might just buy both of them, or if the review is good, he will buy them.

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