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Good news!

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I managed to get Wi-Fi up and running in my dorm. This means that I can trade and battle while I'm at university and not the scant times I'm at home. I tested it by successfully getting the Liberty Ticket for Victini.

For those experiencing similar problems when a network is preventing your DS from accessing Wi-Fi, I managed to fix my problem with a program called Connectify. It allows you to use your computer to share wireless internet, much like AirPort on a Mac. The requirements are very specific: you must either have Windows 7 or an Android smartphone, and a DSi ONLY. The link provided is the CNet download for the Windows 7 version; the Android version is available on their website.

After I study for finals a bit more, I'll see if I can make the time to get in a few trades and battles on Bulbagarden. I won't be getting Victini until RNG abuse without the C-Gear is set in stone. But yeah, I'm very happy about this development!

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