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Analysis of my in-game Pokemon + update on Black progress

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I set a new personal record for longest time taken in a main game's storyline! Yep, I've spent over 35 hours in the game and I just beat the 6th gym! I'm actually pretty glad I'm not rushing. It's partially because I don't want to reach Reshiram (or any legendary/rare Pokemon for that matter; I even did not collect my Panpour at the Dreamyard!) before the non-C-Gear RNG is completely cracked for real carts, and partially because I'm genuinely enjoying the game. I'm hatching a bunch of starter eggs because as much as the GTS is bullshit, looking for stuff I need on it and GTS negotiations are tons of fun! I'm level grinding a lot....I just beat the Mistralton Gym and am going through Twist Mountain so you can see for yourself how badly overleveled I am :P So yeah, here's the rundown on my party and my thoughts on them:

Levi the Serperior - lv. 56
As much as I like Grass types and Grass type starters, I have to agree with the masses that starting out with Snivy is a bit tough, at least until it reaches its final stage. For most of the game, I had to rely on low-powered Grass move + unreliable Normal type move (I had Tackle until Levi learned Slam at like lv 20 something!) After the first two stages, however, Serperior becomes as useful as any other starter, with speed to boot. I run a set of Return/Coil/Leech Seed/Leaf Blade and while it lacks coverage, it provides the power I need to muscle through things. Despite a rocky beginning, I think Serperior is great: it's a fast and dependable killer that does its job well.

Asagi the Musharna - lv. 54
I wanted to train one for one reason and one reason only: that creepy ass cry. I can NOT get it out of my head. Anyways, getting an acceptable nature with Synchronize, combined with Munna's low encounter rate at the Dreamyard, took a good two hours. And is it worth it?
Musharna's one issue is an abysmal movepool. For over 30 levels, I've had to use Psybeam as Musharna's sole attacking option and the earliest non-Psychic special attack you can get afaik is Round for 36BP at the Battle Subway. I tried using my crap there and I can safely say that I will not try again until I can PokeShift my competitive Pokemon. Beyond that, the earliest non-Psychic special move is the Charge Beam TM, which comes at Route 7. Just in time for the Mistralton Gym, but it's pretty damn far in the game. It's not that mono-Psychic has bad coverage, it's that in the early stages of the game, Dark types are VERY common. Purrloin, Sandile, Scraggy, you name it. Musharna has no means of attacking them at all and that means less EXP for it.
In spite of this, I like Musharna very, very much. It has great stats and definitely pulls its weight on the team. Notably, it's one of the better utility Pokemon available: it should have Yawn when you catch it and sleep is always great to have, and it gets Moonlight early, providing it with a source of autoheal.
Her name is very appropriate: Asagi has the weakest shot in ESPGaluda II, but she also has the strongest attack while in Awakening mode. Ok, that was just lost on non-danmaku fans, haha. Basically, like Asagi, Musharna is short on attacking options, but her hidden talents shine through and make her a valuable member of my team.

Kirio the Crustle - lv. 50
I didn't really plan on adding an Ishizumai on my team; I originally had a Yamask in mind, but that's what my second run in White is for. I was randomly killing Ishizumai in the Desert Route, found one with Sturdy, caught it and checked the nature....and it turned out to be Adamant! Since she had excellent synergy with my other two Pokemon, being 4x resistant to Bug that her teammates hated, and having SE STAB on Fire and Dark types, I decided to train my catch.
And wow....Crustle is truly underestimated imo. When you catch it, you start with two nice STABs in Bug Bite and Smack Down, and a nice boosting move in Rock Polish. You can find Dig in the same route if Faint Attack/Slash aren't to your liking for coverage. Rock Slide comes a short while after, which is useful for double/triple battles. Evolution is about 10 levels off, which isn't too bad, but if you hold it off for just one more level, you get X-Scissor earlier. Bulldoze from the 5th gym is very nice, and since Sandile/Krokorok are weak to Bug and Crustle is neutral to Ground, you shouldn't have troubles with that gym despite being part Rock. The only con is that early on, despite having good moves, Ishizumai/Crustle don't hit particularly hard so you might have to be a bit patient. Kirio currently runs a set of X-Scissor/Rock Slide/Bulldoze/Shell Smash, which is a really nice set with decent power and type coverage. Shell Smash (which comes at lv 43) is one of the best boosting moves in the game, and it's an asset to have. I haven't run into a situation like this yet, but Sturdy might come in handy, making it nigh impossible to kill Crustle in one hit.

To be fair, I think my opinion is a bit skewed because I level grind but I tried being fair and listed the cons of each Pokemon honestly. I've had a lot of fun playing through the game with them and I'm thinking about training something else (perhaps an Axew or Cryogonal?) Anyways, I'm taking it slow but hopefully this inspires you guys to try something new.

Oh and since it's spring break, I should be writing more competitive articles. jkdshajkasdhjsa lazy.

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  1. Trainer-c's Avatar
    I took my time with Black too, making it to about 40-some hours before beating the initial story.

    Snivy was the starter I chose I ended up going with Special set, still abusing the Coil/Leech Seed combo.

    Munna is better than I had expected it to be, I used one for a bit during the quest, and I may try one our for Wifi eventually.

    Crustle is great, I started out just trying it on my team, and ended up using it for the rest of the story.

    Throh and Sawk, and Leavanny are some other Pokémon that really impressed me. I knew Venipede was a powerhouse, so I expected Sweaddle to be weak, but it is actually decently strong. If I hadn't chosen Snivy as a starter, I would likely have used Leavanny on my team.
  2. F-22's Avatar
    I went physical because the female Snivy I got was Careful. It's a tradition of mine to start with a female starter, but I don't regret it at all. Glad to hear you had positive experiences with the same Pokemon I used! For my run in White, I have a couple of other things in mind but I'll keep those in mind :o
  3. Troggy's Avatar
    I love my in game Musharna, it has Calm Mind | Psychic | Moonlight | Yawn. It can set up on a lot of stuff :D


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