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RJW reviews Water Types! Part 15

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by , 21st June 2011 at 03:44 PM (167 Views)
Wow its been a while hasn't it? More than 2 months I believe.

Lotad, Lombre & Ludicolo

This line is another one my favourite Pokemon line. Lotad's line has a unique Type combination of Water/Grass which you will soon see that is a fantastic type both offensive and defensively.

Lotad is based on the lily pads almost literally. The pad on its head can collect water and is the basis of one of its abilities Rain Dish which restores HP in the rain. The lower part of its body is duck-like in my opinion and they have short stubby feet. Its evolution Lombre however, is much more humanoid in appearance and it retains the Lily Pad. It has short legs and slightly longer arms. Lombre's dex entries say that its often mistaken for a human child which I find to be quite ridiculous. How can one mistake a Lombre for a child? I sure can't. Ludicolo's body shape is like a Pineapple. Even its Lily pad now sports a pineapple. The pad also has the appearance of a Sombrero. Thus it gives off a dancer vibe.

Ludicolo's most famous appearance is probably as two thirds of Miror B's team. Miror B himself was and still is insanely popular amonst the fans and having 4 Ludicolo whose sprites all danced in sync with Miror B's battle theme in Colosseum greatly increased this Pokemon's popularity. 2 of these would have Rain Dish and 2 would have Swift Swim. At any point, 1 swift swimmer and 1 rain dish variant would be out on the field and they all had Rain Dance. Its no wonder that this was such an aggravating battle.

In the anime, Brock caught a Lotad which initially seemed little more than a replacement for Psyduck but soon grew out of that when it evolved. Love, Pokemon Style is easily one of AG's finest episodes. In that episode, Ash's Corphish falls for a Mawile which in turn falls for Lombre. Mawile wanted nothing to do with Corphish and Lombre wasn't interested in Mawile. It is later revealed that the Mawile is very fickle as after Lombre evolved in the same episode and a change in personality made it want to pursue a relationship with Mawile but it no longer liked Ludicolo. Ludicolo was disappointed but as with the rest of its species quickly got over it and became jolly. Ludicolo was used often. 'Often' being a relative term mind you. Brock didn't battle a whole lot but when he did, he usually used Ludicolo. In the brief period between the Hoenn League and the Battle Frontier, Brock left Ludicolo with his parents and siblings but it is later revealed that his parents took it along with them on a vacation to carry their bags and left the children alone at home.

Ludicolo was far more interesting than any of Brock's Pokemon that we had seen till that point. Its funny but every Water Type Pokemon NOT owned by Misty is quite interesting and has good personailty. Its these types of delicious ironies that I love. :P

In the Competitive scene, Ludicolo has always been a respected battler. It has 2 abilities both of which are designed to provide as many benefits as possible in rain. Swift Swim is for you sweeper Ludicolo or the quick SubSeeding ones. Ludicolo already has a moderate speed which is increased to ridiculous levels in rain. This makes it an ideal Pokemon to get in quick Leech Seeds. The other ability is Rain Dish which is made for those who want to play it safe and get additional recover. Rain Dish collects water in the rain to recovery a small percentage of HP every turn much like Leftovers which is why combined with that and Leech Seed, Rain Dish Ludicolo is damn near impossible to kill. The other major advantage that Ludicolo has is its unconventional typing. The Grass type makes gives it a double resistance to Water making the perfect Swift Swimmer counter. Ludicolo can come in on a boosted water attack and wall it completely Or conversely proceed to sweep with STAB Grass moves due its opponents taking major damage. So unpredictable is Ludicolo that it even had a Swords Dance set. Thats right. And it actually worked!

It went from a top tier Pokemon in Gen III to a UU level force in Gen IV. With the addition of Drizzle Politoed, Rain Dish Ludicolo can only go up. Swift Swim Ludicolo can't be used due to the Drizzle-Swift Swim combo ban thats in place but the other variety definitely has great potential.

Overall, Ludicolo is one of the finest Pokemon ever to be introduced. It deserves top points for that.

10 out of 10 Rubber Duckies!

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  1. Der_Neuevenmenschen's Avatar
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    Mexican Rubber Duckie Lilypad-Pineapples ftw!
  2. Fennel's Avatar
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    Nice review! Makes me want to train a Ludicolo next.
  3. LightArrows.exe's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Indeed a great review. I would also love to make these reviews!
  4. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
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    One of my very favourite Pokemon.

    Best. Review. Ever!
  5. winstein's Avatar
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    Well, I am a bit disappointed to see only one family being reviewed after such a long time, but that disappointment aside, it's great to see them covered.

    As you might have remembered, I mentioned how this family is inspired by a Japanese mythical creature (kappa) like their version-exclusive counterparts. I like version exclusives that share something in common, because it makes them not very different even when they won't meet. This is the reason I like all the version-exclusive Grass-types, because they are great.

    Ludicolo is one of the Waters that is naturally blessed, because in order for a Water to stand out, they need to learn an Electric or Grass attack to fend off other Waters, so you can guess by this that it's the reason that Starmie is able to thrive because it learns Electric attacks! Perhaps Jellicent can be like this too, because they learn Energy Ball, despite them not being natural attackers.

    What really surprised me about Ludicolo is in the manga, because Ludicolo is really strong there, and that one's used by a Team Aqua member!

    Thanks for reading.


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