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RJW reviews Water Types! Part 10

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Its the 10 entry! w00t!

Wooper & Quagsire

Quagsire is a wierd Pokemon when it comes to competetive battles. Its a pokemon that will always remain NU but due to combination of a certain other Water Type's sheer power that only this guy can effectively counter, it finds itself being used in Ubers. I'll get into that a bit later.

Wooper is adored by many fans for its cuteness and even I think its quite lovable. Wooper is based on an Axolotl. I could describe it but then this article does it so well, its best I don't try at all. Quagsire has a different inspiration. Bulbapedia says it could be based on the Giant Salamander species. Both Wooper and Quagsire have a blank hypnotising and creepy smile much like Slowpoke. Wooper has one dark purple extensions on each side of its face that I like quite a bit. Unfortunately, Quagsire doesn't have these. Wooper has no arms and 2 small feet and a long tail. Its head is much larger than the rest of its body. Upon evolution, it loses its neck and grows arms. It has a fin running down its back which is smaller in females. Quagsire's hands are large and the fingers are thick. I can't see these arms being of much use to Quagsire.

In the anime, Wooper first appeared in No Big Woop! a filler episode. Quagsire first appeared in Once in a Blue Moon! where a gropu of the stole the GS Ball along with many other round items from the people living there as they worshipped the moon.(I think) Other than that, Crasher Wake owns a Quagsire. Wooper also made an appearance in the 3rd Pikachu short about the Pichu Brothers. Another Quagsire appeared in Training Wrecks where it battled Ash's Pikachu and Grovyle alonside a Walrein.

Lets get into why a pitifully weak Pokemon such as Quagsire finds itself used in Ubers. The reason is certain Pokemon called Kyogre's dominance on the metagame. STAB + Rain boost + Choice Specs + a move with 150 power at full health will 2HKO even Blissey which is often called the Special Sweepers nightmare due to its massive HP and Special Defense. Such is the ferocity of Water Spout that there is no hard and fast counter for it. Kyogre also gets Thunder to take advantage of the accuracy boost Thunder gets in Kyogre's Drizzle. Like almost every other Water Type, Kyogre also has Ice Beam. Other than that, its movepool is limited. But this is Quagsire's review. How does it counter this beast? The answer is a combination of its movepool, typing and ability. Quagsire's ability is Water Absorb which means Kyogre's Water Spout will only heal it. Its a Water/Ground type which means its immune to Thunder and Thunder Wave. Ice Beam hits for neutral damage and with its decent bulk, its only a 4HKO for the Choice Scarf variant of Kyogre. Quagsire's movepool which consists of solid moves like Toxic and Yawn means Kyogre won't like to stay in on Quagsire.

Its ability to counter what is, without a doubt, the strongest Pokemon in the Gen IV metagame sets this otherwise weak Pokemon apart from other Bulky Water types. However, its extremely vulnerable to Taunt and easy to set up on as its offensive power is low and speed is pitiful. Its still a good pokemon overall if you use it well.

6 out of 10 Puddles!


Trade a Slowpoke holding a King's Rock, you'll get a Slowking. In the anime, when a Shellder bites a Slowpoke on the head while wearing a King's Rock(Complicated, I know) you get Slowking. The Shellder takes on a slightly different form on Slowking. It resembles a rather large crown complete with a red jewel encrusted in it. It also has a ruff, red and white in colour, around its neck to enhance its 'royality.' When a Shellder bites its head, it secretes a poison which makes Slowking intelligent which is strange because Shellder isn't a poison type at all. Its Crystal Pokedex entry also says that every time it yawns, more poison is injected making it even smarter. For Slowking, it pays to be lazy. Perhaps that is why it cannot learn Amnesia naturally while Slowpoke can. On the flip side, it can learn Nasty Plot which is a great asset. Other than that, its just an upright Slowpoke. It is said to be always calm and collected despite the situation. Slowking also undertakes research to solve the mysteries of the world. Rather amusing I think. Despite its masculine name, it can be female. Slowking is also one the few Pokemon in the anime to talk without telepathy, something even Legendaries don't do. Interesting;y, the Shellder on Slowbro's shiny sprite is gold like Shiny Shellder. But in shiny Slowking's case, the Shellder is only a lighter shade of grey and the jewel being pink instead of red.

Slowking first appeared in The Power of One This Slowking talked normally and gave out advice to Ash and Co. It didn't much else though. A special episode called Slowking's Day , a 3 minute short, featured this Slowking and what it did on a day-to-day basis. This episode never aired in the US and presumbly, anywhere else outside Japan. Naturallym I haven't seen it bbut even reading its 'pedia article made me yawn. What a Pokemon like Slowking does everday doesn't make for interesting TV. Conway, one of DP's most memorable characters has a Slowking. In the Tag Battle Tournament, it battled alongside Dawn's Piplup and thanks to some good strategies involving Slowking doing the defending and Piplup being offensive, they reached the finals of the tournament.

Competetively, Slowking is one of UU's top tier Bulky Water alongside the likes of Milotic. As said before, Nasty Plot is a great asset and goes well with Slowking's excellent Sp.A. Calm Mind is another great option boosting its Sp.A as well as Sp.D which higher than its Sp.A. Slack Off gives Slowking instant recovery. Offensively, Surf. Ice Beam and Psychic offer decent coverage. There's also Thunder Wave and Toxic cause havoc among the opponents team. Alternately, you can give it Trick Room and make this otherwise obviously slow Pokemon a fearsome sweeper. Trick with Choice Scarf is also a common strategy. Even if haven't realized it, Slowking's movepool is kickass. It also has great HP and good Def. to ensure its not going down easily. Slowking is one of the few Pokemon that will always counter Blaziken which is not something most other Bulky Waters can claim to do. Its DW ability is Regeneration which means that if things look bad, you can just recall it and heal 1/3 of its HP. What all this means is that if you are playing UU, Slowking is one the best choices for a defensive Pokemon and will rarely disappont.

However, Slowking, designwise, is only half decent. Slowbro is extremely boring and Slowking mixes things a bit with the ruff and the jewel but thats it.

6 out of 10 Puddles!

I think I did good reviews this time. Thoughts and Opinions?

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  1. winstein's Avatar
    I agree that Wooper is quite cute. When I saw Wooper's funny face, I thought how strange that Pokemon was, because you don't see any other Pokemon with that simple face other than Ditto. I found how funny that after evolution the face still remains happy. No mention of Unaware for Quagsire? The first time I see Slowking in the movie, I used to think that all Slowkings can talk normally, but I never seen any non-talking Slowking.

    The review's quite nice, but I somehow think that you can expand on the physical description of the Pokemon, because if you are going to mention their obvious characteristics, you should at least bring up a point or fun fact (or something funny). If you can, you can use the anime/manga appearances as examples of their behaviour.

    There is something that I am about to add in my reviews, and that is moves I would like a certain Pokemon to have in the future. As we see in the past, some Pokemon got new moves late, like Feraligatr's Aqua Jet (HGSS) and Bibarel's Curse (Platinum), so I went to put what I want for them and if predictions come true, I may have something to brag about in a good way.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    Good Review.
    I love Slowking, one of my favourite Pokemon easily. Wooper and Quagsire are okay, but nowhere nearly as good as Slowking


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