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The life and times of a Pokémon Ranger.

  1. Happy Diwali/Deepawali to all!

    Atleast to those who celebrate it. I only celebrate it because I get it eat awesome festival food and not because I'm religious.
  2. Anyone remember the old Bionicle direct-to-video movies?

    I just watched them and had one hell of a nostalgia wave.

    Obviously, when I watch them now, I can only describe them as average at best but I still love them anyway.
  3. RJW reviews Water Types! Part 16

    I'm lazy, I know.

    Wingull & Pelliper

    Wingull and Pelliper are seagull and pelican based Pokemon if their names and appearance didn't make it obvious already. Both Wingull and Pelliper's body consists mainly of their head alone. With Wingull, this is less noticeable but Pelliper is just a head with wings. Both are white ...
  4. Video Game Challenge in 2 days

    Never said 2 consecutive days. :P

    18) Favourite Protagonist:

    Little miss badass.

    Love the Emerald look.

    19) Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in:

    Hoenn is where the heart is!

    20) Favorite genre

    If you haven't ...
  5. Video Game Challenge in 2 days

    Because doing once per day is boring.

    1) Your Very First Video Game

    And thus, I was initiated into the awesome world of Blizzard.

    I was about 5 or 6 when I got it and sucked at it. :| But I loved it anyway. As I grew older, I came to appreciate the storyline and gameplay even more. This game is a true masterpiece.

    2) Your favorite character

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