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So, yeah Castlevania is an extremely long running but a woefully ignored series compared to ther giants like Mario and Zelda. But my love for the series has remained unchanged over the 5 years that I have been playing it. What are your opinions about the series. Favourite title? Character? Boss?

My favourite title would be the Sorrow series and Aria of Sorrow in particular stands out as the game with a unique story. Also had fantastics gameplay.

Favourite Character would be Eric Lecarde from Bloodlines or Soma Cruz from the Sorrow series.

And its totally cliche to say this but favourite boss would be Death.

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  1. Brumrha's Avatar
    Hmm?? You're also a Castlevania fan?? I've just recently gotten into this through Harmony of Despair, through XBLA.

    But anyway...

    Title: Symphony of the Night

    Character: Soma Cruz!!!

    Boss: Who doesn't like Death?!

    & BTW, I'm surprised that you didn't recognize my avatar.
  2. Citizen Snips's Avatar
    I wouldn't say Castlevania is ignored. It's not as mainstream as Zelda or Mario, but it's still extremely popular within the gaming community. And I know this is cliche, but my favourite game is Symphony of the Night
  3. Gracidea's Avatar
    Castlevania? I have been religiously playing video game for some time but never came across this title, I will definatly look it up.


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